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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Shadowhunters TV News: Cassandra Clare Shares Her Thoughts on Jon Cor's Audition for Hodge

Cassandra Clare shared a sneak peak into her thoughts on the audition for Hodge. Jon Cor was just announced as the newest cast member to join The Shadowhunters TV Series. He has been cast as Hodge. Read the announcement here.

In talking to Cassie about his casting, she had this to say:

John Cor's audition really worked for me. It brought home a different aspect of Hodge than the movie. I really saw the man who had been in school with Jocelyn and Valentine. One of his lines was that Jocelyn was one of his best friends in high school, and I could believe it. I loved Jared but I think this is going to illuminate the Hodge who was once a young man with promise that went terribly wrong.

Yep, I can definitely see how Jon will illuminate the younger Hodge. I can't wait to see Jon bring Hodge to life on TV. Read the official press release from ABC FAMILY here

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