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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Shadowhunters Series Executive Producer and Script Writer, Ed Decter Joins Twitter!

The Shadowhunters Series executive producer and script writer, Ed Decter joins Twitter! Shadowhunter series fans are huge online supporters of the cast and crew of the series. We've loved how the cast and crew have reached out to fans, as much as we've reached to them. Now fans have the chance to reach out to Ed.

*Image source: Ed's Twitter account*

Cassandra Clare shared the exciting news this morning on Twitter that Ed had joined Twitter. Ed is in charge of all the story decisions for the series. There have been a lot of questions and comments about the series directed at Cassandra Clare, whom as we know, sadly doesn't have much to any say in the The Shadowhunters series. Fans can now direct their questions and comments pertaining to the storyline and script to Ed at @EDecter

*Image source: Ed's Twitter account*

Check out the images that are found on Ed's Twitter account. We've got our first glimpse of Jace and Clary! I'm loving the Shadowhunter images. Don't forget to follow @ShadowhuntersTV to stay in the know with all the latest happenings with the casting, on set visits, and much, much more.

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