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Monday, June 1, 2015

Shadowhunters TV Series News: Filming, Week #1 Picture Re-Cap | Mundane Monday #244

Happy Mundane Monday! Today officially kicks off week 2 of filming for ABC Family's THE SHADOWHUNTERS. I'm looking forward to seeing the cast and crew's pictures from this week's adventures on set. Last week the cast and crew shared a variety of pictures from the set. You can check out the pictures from filming, Day 1.

Below,  I've included a recap of the pictures from the first week 1 of filming Shadowhunters, as well as linked back to the source of who shared the picture. If you are not following the cast and crew of the Shadowhunters, I highly recommend that you are. They are awesome with keeping fans in the loop in regards to how filming is going.

Week 1 Filming Recap:

Day 2

From Cassandra Clare

Shadowhunters TVSneak peek photos from week 1 of shooting ! Are you excited?
Maxim RayIt's coming to life... Thank you 4 writing such strong female characters. ...

Day 3

Alan Van Sprang: Like mother, like daughter and  meanwhile Daddy Valentine ”YA

From Ed Decter

Pic #1 discovers her long lost twin while filming day three of

Pic #2: Who do these shoes belong to?

From McG

 Pic #1If you behave... Maybe
Pic #2Warlock...

Day 4

Ed Decter tweets:

Pic #1: Finally, no photobomb, just and on day 4

McG shared: Malec.......

Maxim RoyDay 4. Set. Shadowhunters. Keeping an eye on & .

Maxim RoyIt's coming to life... Thank you 4 writing such strong female characters. ...

Day 5

Pic #2Valentine and Jocelyn.

Maxim Roy: Day #5  aka Valentine's1st day... Should be interesting...

Maxim RoyLate night or early morning Day 5. Set. shadowhunterstv with this guy

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  1. Love all the pictures. I love am falling in love with Alberto and seeing him as Simon now.

    Megan @