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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

10 YA Halloween Reads / Top Ten Tuesday #41

Hello & welcome to this week's Top Ten Tuesday. This week's topic is Halloween Freebie - 10 Creepy Halloween Reads. My last Top Ten Tuesday post was, Ten Wishes I'd Ask A Book Genie For.

(Image source: Google search, free Halloween wallpaper)

Today's topic is a Halloween Freebie. Being that it's the week of Halloween, I created a list of 10 YA books I'd recommend for Halloween reads. Creating this list was much harder than I thought it would, because there are so many great spooky/creepy YA books out there. Since I'm a huge pansy when it comes to reading books that can go bump in the night, I created a list of the first 10 books that came to mind. This list has ghosts, zombies, killers, stalkers, and variety of other characters. 

These books were all great reads. Some gave me the creeps, others were just a hauntingly good read, and some were just great creepy/spooky reads.


    I know there are many other hauntingly great YA reads. Here are a few other recommendations that came to mind while I was creating my top ten list.


    1. OOoh nice ones! Read 3 of these and still need to read Madman's Daughter! Great picks!

      Here's my Tuesday Post

      Have a GREAT day!

      Old Follower :)

    2. Yay :D Awesome post Katie. <3 I have read some of these too :) And ahh, Anna Dressed in Blood is SO GOOD. <3 Thank you for sharing this stunning list sweet girl :) I hope you are having an awesome day. <3

    3. I haven't read too many horror novels and that is something I really do want to change because I think I would really like the genre. Anna all dressed in blood is one I want to read especially!