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Thursday, October 8, 2015

SPINNING STARLIGHT by R.C. Lewis / Blog Tour: Author Interview / Giveaway

Hello and welcome to today's SPINNING STARLIGHT blog tour stop! I'm so thrilled to have author R.C. Lewis on MMs today! Before I share our interview, here's a little bit about the book. Oh, and don't forget to ENTER TO WIN below!


By: R.C. Lewis
Published by: Disney Hyperion
Released Date: October 6, 2015
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Sixteen-year-old heiress and paparazzi darling Liddi Jantzen hates the spotlight. But as the only daughter in the most powerful tech family in the galaxy, it's hard to escape it. So when a group of men show up at her house uninvited, she assumes it's just the usual media-grubs. That is, until shots are fired.
Liddi escapes, only to be pulled into an interplanetary conspiracy more complex than she ever could have imagined. Her older brothers have been caught as well, trapped in the conduits between the planets. And when their captor implants a device in Liddi's vocal cords to monitor her speech, their lives are in her hands: One word and her brothers are dead.

Desperate to save her family from a desolate future, Liddi travels to another world, where she meets the one person who might have the skills to help her bring her eight brothers home-a handsome dignitary named Tiav. But without her voice, Liddi must use every bit of her strength and wit to convince Tiav that her mission is true. With the tenuous balance of the planets deeply intertwined with her brothers' survival, just how much is Liddi willing to sacrifice to bring them back?

Haunting and mesmerizing, this retelling of Hans Christian Andersen'sThe Wild Swans strings the heart of the classic with a stunning, imaginative world as a star-crossed family fights for survival in this companion to Stitching Snow


Hi R.C! Welcome to Mundie Moms! We're huge fans of fairy tale retellings. What is one of your all time favorite fairytales or fairytale retellings?
I’m not sure if it’s more of a fairy tale or more of a folktale retelling, but when I was little, I loved the picture book Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola. It has all those classic elements of someone meddling with things they don’t understand and suffering the consequences.

For YA readers whom may not know, SPINNING STARLIGHT is a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's The Wild Swans. What was it about this particular fairytale that inspired you to do your own retelling of it?
Part of it was that I was looking through fairy tale collections to find one that stood out as something I could put a sci-fi twist on and make a novel out of. But more importantly, I asked some friends for tales they’d like to see retold, and a couple mentioned “The Wild Swans.” The main reason they liked it (and something I came to love about it as well) is how it’s focused on a girl saving her family—not on finding her prince.

How would you describe your main character, Liddi?
Liddi has a lot of opinions and tries to be savvy about how she presents herself, but she’s also got plenty of insecurity. She’s unsure of her abilities and how she fits in both with her family and society at large, but she also has a strong feeling of being on the cusp of something.

What was one of your favorite elements to create?
I enjoyed coming up with the various aliens and thinking about their differing cultures. Though they come from different worlds, we mainly see the ones that have come to mingle and live on one particular planet. So I also tried to think about how the interactions would affect each species.

Are you able to give us a little teaser, or share one of your favorite lines from the book?
As I walk closer, I feel it. Not like the hair-raising tingle of an electric field. This is so much more, so much "other." It's like walking on a laserbeam, like if this massive spark weren't twisted so tight, holding itself together, it'd tear the entire world apart. More than the world. Tear space and time and thought and everything until there was nothing left whole.
My cells writhe in its presence.

Can you tell us what you're working on next?
I have another YA sci-fi (non-fairytale) that I’m crossing my fingers for, and a YA contemporary that I’m working on, but nothing set it stone yet!

About The Author:
R.C. Lewis teaches math to teenagers—sometimes in sign language, sometimes not—so whether she’s a science geek or a bookworm depends on when you look. That may explain why her characters don’t like to be pigeonholed. Coincidentally, R.C. enjoys reading about quantum physics and the identity issues of photons.

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