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Saturday, January 10, 2015


Cassandra Clare knows how to get our weekend's off to a great start!
Check out the newest TDA Snippet. 
Mark stepped out. The elegant lines of the suit seemed to sweep upward, making Mark appear taller, more polished. For the first time since his return every bit of the feral faerie child in him appeared to have been brushed away like cobwebs. He looked human. Like someone who’d always been human.
“Why do you bite your nails?” he said.
Julian, who hadn’t even been conscious that he was gnawing on the side of his thumb — the satisfying pain of skin between his teeth, the metal of the blood in his mouth — dropped his hands into his lap. “Bad habit.”
“People do that when they’re stressed,” said Mark. “Even I know that.” His fingers scrabbled uselessly at his tie. He frowned down at it.
Julian got to his feet and went over to his brother, taking the loops of the tie in his hands. He couldn’t remember who had taught him how to knot a tie. Malcolm, he thought. It had almost certainly been Malcolm.
“But what do you have to be stressed about, little brother?” Mark said. “You weren’t carried away by Sebastian Morgenstern. You’ve spent your life here. Not that the life of a Shadowhunter isn’t stressful, but why are you the one with the bloody hands?”
Julian’s hands faltered for a moment. “You don’t know everything about me, Mark. Just like I’m willing to bet I don’t know everything about you.”

Can this series be out already please?! 

The Infernal Devices: Will & Tessa Comic

Oh be still my Will & Tessa heart! 
Check out this new TID comic featuring Will and Tessa, Cassandra Clare shared with her fans via her Tumblr page this week. 

WILL and TESSA! And Jem! *sniff* The happy tears! I miss my favorite characters. I think I need to do another re-read of this series. 

Will/Tessa comic from Cassandra Jean and me. Tessa comes back from her yearly meeting with Jem with some news for Will. Or: when James Herondale got his name. With guest appearances by Charlotte and Cecily, Anna Lightwood and Charles Fairchild.

Cassie also had this to say:
So… how much should we be reading into that “only blood uncle” comment in the comic? Because unless there’s a revelation here you’re hinting at - shouldn’t Gideon also be a blood uncle to Anna by way of Gabriel? Or is this some different period usage of “blood” I’m not familiar with? — glamourweaver
No, this is just entirely my fault. I wrote out the script for the comic for Cassandra Jean while in the middle of a dozen other things, and I left off a line — basically Cecily was meant to be making a joke about how Will is Anna’s only Herondale uncle, Herondales being better than Lightworms, etc. Then I wound up having her say something about Lightworms later, so I went to take the earlier instance out but didn’t correct for the meaning, so now it looks like something terrible happened to poor Gideon. Rest assured he is in fine fettle and uncling away; he is very fond of his nieces and nephews, just as Gabriel is fond of his.
I’ll ask Cassandra Jean to correct the comic for posterity, but it’s merely my fault — this is why writers are ringed round with editors and copyeditors. Sometimes we don’t notice our own mistakes. :)
What was that scene between Jem & Tessa about in the comic? Did she have to get permission from him to tell her husband she’s pregnant?
That’d be odd. The Silent Brothers are the doctors of the Shadowhunter world. Tessa was worried she couldn’t get pregnant, as Will says later, as warlocks are infertile, and she knows that — Mortmain told her there would be a day when she’d be able to have children, but he wasn’t exactly all that trustworthy.
Tessa is talking to Jem in the role of a doctor/Silent Brother — he is telling her that she is pregnant, something she did not know before. He also tells her she’s going to have a boy. We don’t see all that, but that was the conversation. That’s why Tessa says “Are you sure?” to him — she’s shocked; happy but worried and surprised. It’s big news! Will everything be okay? Will the baby be okay?
Will is the first person she tells that she is pregnant. Jem is the person who tells her. 

Recent Book News: Harry Potter Book Night, Cover Reveals, Giveaways & More

It's the weekend! That means sleeping in, and reading a ton of books. I wish! Although if you're dealing with frigid temperatures, than staying in a warm bed reading books is totally acceptable.

Check out some of this past week's recent book news. 

Calling ALL Harry Potter Fans!
February 5th, 2015 will be the first ever Harry Potter Book Night!
Bloomsbury Kids UK is inviting fans every where to join the fun!
Head over to HERE to get more information, download your event kit and to join the fun. 

Due out on July 20th from Bloomsbury, this is Valerie's debut book.
I really like this cover. It screams diverse! Something we need more covers of. 
Add this debut book to your Goodreads reading lists.

Check out what Katie McGarry is giving away!
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Have a great weekend and Happy Reading!

The Dark Artifices: Blackthorn Flower Cards

The Dark Artifices: Blackthorn Flower Cards

Check out the TDA Blackthorn Flower Card Set by Cassandra Jean 
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