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Friday, February 6, 2015

Fanart Friday: Shadowhunter Valentine Day Cards

Happy Friday Shadowhunters! 
Check out some of the latest fanart Cassandra Clare has shared this week via her Tumblr page. 

Shadowhunters, are you looking for that perfect Valentine card to get your favorite Parabatai?  Look no further. Cassandra Clare recently shared these cards artist Cassandra Jean made. Click each image to enlarge it. 

You can find out more about the cards here

Check out the newest Jace & Clary artwork from Cassandra Jean, Cassandra Clare shared here

Devon Bostick to Narrate Welcome To Shadowhunter Academy

Shadowhunters, have you heard the exciting news? Cassandra Clare recently announced that Devon Bostick will be narrating the WELCOME TO SHADOWHUNTER ACADEMY! 

Here's what Cassie said about the news:

SARAH: Jasper from the 100! I’m so excited! I love the 100.
CASSIE: I know, score. *fistbump*
SARAH: My FAVORITE Jasper scene from the 100 was when Jasper hugs Bellamy.
CASSIE: Don’t remember that scene…
SARAH: Bellamy saved his life and Jasper hugged him so tightly!
CASSIE: Oh, sure. And then Bellamy swept him up in his arms and dramatically shut the spaceship door and who knows what happened inside… Why do you always make stuff up?
SARAH: I never make stuff up!
CASSIE: You told me there was a novel where Mr Darcy was a Navy SEAL.
SARAH: In a better world, that would’ve been true!
CASSIE: You can’t make up saucy stuff about our audiobook readers, Rees Brennan. I’m watching you. Watching you!
… Anyway, we are so thrilled, both because we watch and love the 100, and because Devon Bostick does such a great job as Jasper: a nerdy guy who loves a lady who loves another… yet who is extremely brave, kind, and valiantly rescues his team when they are in trouble. (Sound familiar?)
So we are sure he will be a perfect fit for our introduction to Simon Lewis, Shadowhunter in training: in some ways a different guy to the guy we knew—the guy he became—through the Mortal Instruments. We lost that guy, the TMI characters lost that guy, Simon himself lost that guy… and now Simon has to work out if he can get him back.
We hope you’re excited for what we and Devon Bostick have in store for you.