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Friday, February 20, 2015

Cassandra Clare Talks About The New Cover for City of Bones (the paperback edition)

Have you seen the new City of Bones cover? Sophie shared the exciting news here. Cassandra Clare recently shared the cover, and answered a few questions about why there's a new cover for the paper back edition. Check out what she had to say below. I really love this art design for the newly designed cover. 

Just to answer a few things I’ve been asked: my publisher has wanted to redesign the covers for a long time, but needed to finish out TMI first. They have for a long time wanted to make the Shadowhunters books overall look more unified (the paperback TID will also be repackaged, and every book will have the “Shadowhunters” type down the side) and also make them look more modern — the first book was designed ten years ago, and book styles change. 
These are paperback repackages. The hardback books will retain the original covers.
These repackages will contain some fun new elements like maps of Shadowhunter New York and London.
These covers were designed by Cliff Nielson, who also did all the other Shadowhunters covers. He’s always been a great designer and I’ve always loved his work. I am happy that the new design carries over elements of the old design (Cliff’s work, the light effects, the fonts — even the model for Jace is the same one used on Lost Souls) so that it’s more of an updating that a complete change. 
I don’t know how Lady Midnight’s cover will look. That hasn’t been decided yet. It may well be a fusion of the old and the new, as really, they aren’t that different.
I love Jace’s pose in this cover, and the fact that he’s reaching for a tarot card, and that you can see little details like the Morgenstern ring on his hand. The cover is actually a brilliantly bright bronze, which you can’t tell onscreen unfortunately.
 Each cover will feature one character. The first three will be Jace, then Clary, then Simon. But this time around you’ll also get to see Alec have his own cover, and Isabelle have hers. 
(I have no info about covers being repackaged in any country other than the US/Canada. The UK are working on some very cool “alternate” covers but they won’t replace the old ones, just exist alongside them.)
Hope you like the covers as well!

I can't wait to pick up this edition! I can't wait to see each of the new covers, and the characters on them!

City of Bones Gets a New Cover!!

USA Today revealed that City of Bones will be the first in the series to get a new cover! I know! Who is excited about it? Although, I'm sure we will all miss Jace's original torso. Here's the quote:

Cassandra Clare's publisher is repackaging all of the bestselling novels in her massively popular Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series. And we at HEA have the first peek at the new cover of City of Bones, which, as you know, was made into a movie in 2013 called "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones". The new cover of City of Bones arrives on Sept. 1. And bonus: Each repackaged book will have a new map and new exclusive content written by Cassandra.
Cassie answered one of her twitter followers with the question we all had in mind -- is this the same artist and, er, cover model? Because let's face it, we all fell a little in love with CoverJace:

What do you think of the repackaging, Mundie Moms? According to USA Today, both The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments series will get new covers. Personally, I can hardly wait to see the map. As we all know, the best fantasy books always have one included.

Shadowhunter Day: Feb. 22nd

What a fun idea -- a day to celebrate the fandom. The rules are below.  The first day is THIS Sunday, February 22nd. 

Many thanks to Lauren (@cassieclares) and Cassandra Jean (@cassandraJP) for putting this together.