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Monday, February 23, 2015

Cassandra Clare Reveals The TMI T.V. Series Name

Shadowhunter fans have been eagerly awaiting news about the upcoming TMI T.V. series. Recently I discussed rumors about the T.V. series, and the importance of getting the series right book/storyline right, which you can read here. This past Friday night, Cassandra Clare revealed the name to the TMI T.V. series to Shadowhunters fans via Twitter. 

Here's the picture I took of the tweet she shared revealing the name:

Since sharing this announcement on our Facebook Page on Friday (here), fans have been weighing in with their thoughts about the series, and the T.V. series name, "SHADOWHUNTERS". 

What do you think of the name?

My initial thought is why change the name from the book / movie name. After thinking about it more, and in finding out that some of the rumors, which I shared here, are true, I actually like that they changed the name to just Shadowhunters. It still implies it's about the Shadowhutners, and it takes place in the world that we fans first fell in love with. From a studio point of view, it also allows them to make changes to things however necessary or ridiculous they may seem, in order to create a T.V. series that appeals to fans, and draws in new fans. I think the series will draw in fans that may not have heard of the book, let alone read the book before. I like the T.V. series name being just Shadowhunters, as I feel it separates itself from the movie.

I've always felt like Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series would make the perfect T.V. Series. I shared those thoughts here on the blog when the movie news was first breaking. I was always a supporter of the movie being made, but like with any of my favorite books being turned to movies, I had a lot of worry and concern. The first concern I had was getting the story done right, followed by casting, and making sure those casted portrayed my beloved characters right. Another concern I had, and I know many others did at the time, was making sure those who made the movie, loved the story as much as we did. If you don't have someone who loves the story, than the story will be doomed. At least in my opinion, as they'll make changes with little regard to what's already there in the original story that got fans to fall in love with it in the first place. Which, we've seen happen one too many times on the big screen.

Those are valid concerns any fan would have, and something many of us still have today with the news of the T.V. series being made. Let's cross our fingers, and not give up hope that they'll do the story that Cassandra Clare wrote, and fans of the series love, justice, and do it right. That any changes they do make, don't ruin a great thing that is already there. While there is no word yet on who has picked up the series, word among fans is they're hoping ABC Family or the CW would pick it up. The story line would fit in great with either network. Both have a huge teen, and 18 years + fan base, making the Shadowhunters series the perfect fit. Hopefully we'll hear something soon on a network. When news does break, I'll share it here on the blog. 

We'd love to know what your thoughts are. Do you like the T.V. series name, Shadowhunters?