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Friday, March 13, 2015

TMI TV Series: The Shadowhunters Series, What We Know So Far

We're finally starting to get more confirmation on rumors that have been circulating around the TMI fandom about the Shadowhunters T.V. series. While there is still no ward on casting, and which characters will make it into the series (hopefully all of them), we at least have confirmation about a couple things. Here's a brief re-cap of what we do know about the T.V. series.
  • The TV series is being called Shadowhunters
  • The Shadowhunter TV series is being created by CONSTANTIN AND WILL BE AIRED ON THE ABC FAMILY Network
  • Filming is set to start in VANCOUVER shortly (publicly a date has not yet been confirmed)
  • The characters are being aged up. They will be 18 yrs old to their early 20's.
  • No, this is not a continuation of the TMI movie BUT A REBOOT
  • NO CASSANDRA CLARE has absolutely NOTHING to do with the series. As in, NOTHING at all. She has no say, what so ever at all with any part of the series. Not on the writing, the casting, nothing. If she did have a say, none of us would be worried about the adaptation. There, I said it. 
  • Everything that is being decided on for the TV series is coming from ABC Family AND CONSTANTIN.
Which leads me talk about a few new discovers I've learned from the folks over at SPOILER TV. They have posted / confirmation via an article called SHADOWHUNTERS RUMORS, the following:

Update 1:
According to our source:
- Manga is referenced. (Specifically Dragon Ball)
- Characters are aged up by about 2-3 years.
- Clary is attending the Brooklyn Academy Of Art.
- The Institute is seen in the pilot.
- Simon's band has different members. This includes Natalie Adams (Simon's girlfriend) with a pomeranian named Yeti and bass player Gary.

Original Post:
Sources have reported to us that ABC Family has ordered Shadowhunters straight to series and is in the process of casting the roles of Clary, Jace, Simon, Alec, Isabelle, Jocelyn and Valentine. Filming is set to begin in May.

This is taken directly from their post. I'm going to shoot straight on my thoughts on this article. I'm having a hard not laughing at the Dragon Ball comment, because that would seriously be ridiculous if that was in the T.V. series. Is that what they think current teen and young adult manga and anime fans are into? That is a joke. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but but if they're aging up the characters, it seems out of context.

Now, "Simon's band has different members. This includes Natalie (Simon's girlfriend)."

I'm sorry, but who in the heck is Natalie? Because if I recall, there is no Natalie in City of Bones, or any book for that matter in the entire series. Now before anyone brushes this off, the rumors are that Natalie is a significant character. 

Now, I'm not against any changes to the source material. Changes must be made. But this is a book series with a huge cast of characters. We already saw some of our favorites chopped from the film, like Raphael. Shoving someone as important as a girlfriend to Simon into the plot means every minute Natalie is on the screen, time is being wasted on her that could be otherwise spent on Jace, Simon, Alec, Magnus and Isabelle. The fact that she exists at all means she takes up real estate in Simon's life that should be Clary's. CLARY is the most important person to Simon at the beginning of the books, not "Natalie."

Natalie is not a dealbreaker herself. Natalie is a symptom of a problem, the same problem the movie had fundamentally, which is that it didn't understand that what we are there for is the relationships between the characters. Age them up? Ok? Have them use iPads? Not great, shows a misunderstanding of the magic system that's distressing. But we could look past it. Destroy, ignore and sideline the characters we care about? You lose the fandom.

I really want this t.v. series to be a successful adaptation. I want to re-fall in love with the characters. Fandom, this is the time to make your voice heard. Tweet at ABC Family. Tweet #staytruetoTMI . Tell them politely what it is you want. Let them know now before it's too late. 

City Love by Susane Colasanti; GIVEAWAY

Happy Friday! I'm so thrilled to be hosting a fabulous freebie Friday giveaway today, CITY LOVE by Susane Colasanti. This book doesn't hit bookshelves until April 21st of this year, but one lucky Mundie Moms blog reader will win an arc of it! I'm really looking forward to reading this one. Before I tell you how to enter to win, here's a little bit about the book:


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Summer, NYC and romance! SOLD! This sounds like my kind of contemporary read. I'm looking forward to picking this one up next month. 


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