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Friday, April 24, 2015

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The Truth About Forever:
Lock and Key:
Along For the Ride:
Just Listen: 

Fan Art Friday: Recently Shared TMI/TID/TLH Fan Art from Cassandra Clare

Happy Friday! 
Check out some of the latest Shadowhunter fanart that Cassandra Clare has shared.

Cassandra Clare shared these most recently posted, The Last Hours flower cards, here
She had this to say about them:

Carstairs in the time of The Last Hours: Alastair and Cordelia.

Cassandra Clare share this picture of Lucie, which I love, here
Lucie Herondale~ 

Character © The Last Hours, cassandraclare
Aegisdea! We’ve missed you.

Cassandra Clare shared this fan art of an older Jace and Clary, here. I love getting this glimpse of them in the future. Cassie had this to say:
Bedroom of warrior and artist. Jace and Clary
(Looking at other artists on tumblr made me feel like a terrible creature who needed to draw more backgrounds.)
Love it! A real “"what their life might be like when they are older.”