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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

10 New To Me Authors In 2015 / Top Ten Tuesday #45

Hello & welcome to this week's Top Ten Tuesday. This week's topic is Ten New To Me Authors in 2015. My last Top Ten Tuesday post was, Ten 2016 Debuts I'm Looking Forward To Reading.

I feel like this year has been an amazing YA reading year. The debut releases this year were phenomenal! To add to those reads, I also read a couple new releases from authors who didn't have debut books, but who's books I've been wanting to read this year. Their new releases were amazing. Check out my list of the Top 10 New To Me Authors of 2015. 

  1. Victoria AveyardThe Red Queen
  2. Renee AhadiehThe Wrath & The Dawn
  3. Sabba TahirAn Ember In The Ashes
  4. Becky WallaceThe Storyspinner 
  5. Erin Bowman, Vengeance Road
  6. Jennifer JenkinsNameless 
  7. Heather PettyLock & Mori 
  8. Melissa GrayThe Girl At Midnight 
  9. Katie M. StoutHello, I Love You 
  10. Catherine DoyleVendetta 

Who are some of your new to you authors in 2015?

Beyond The Shadows: The Makings of Shadowhunters / My Thoughts & Cassandra Clare's Response to Fans Questions About The Show

(Photo credit to EW)

On Sunday night ABC Family aired Beyond The Shadows: The Makings of Shadowhunters. During the 30 minute airing, fans took to Twitter, including us, to tweet about our reactions. Along with us, the cast was also live tweeting! Fans were using the #BeyondTheShadows & #ShadowhuntersChat, which ended up trending worldwide. 

My response to Jace / Simon was featured in ABC Family's recap of the 15 Awesome Fan Reactions to Beyond The ShadowsThey've also posted 18 Things We Learned from Beyond The Shadows.

My thoughts about the 30 minute special were wrapped up best in my tweets I posted during the airing. A few of which I've shared below. 

I am so excited about this cast!! I think they've done a fabulous job on who they casted to bring our favorite shadowhunters to life. The special proved that. I loved seeing the cast in action! This cast rocks, and it was obvious with the behind the scenes footage at how well they all get along. I love the glimpses we got of them bringing our beloved Shadowhunters to life.

While I loved getting a sneak peaking into seeing the cast in action and the Jace / Simon commentary, there were a couple things I wasn't too happy about. Like, Izzy being so sexified. I don't know if sexified is a word, but I'm going with it. That's that Izzy at all. Then there's the lack of Malec. I love Malec, but I feel like what we were shown, we were being toyed with. It's very easy for a studio to show fans what they want to see in a few second clip, vs what's actually in the show. I am holding out hope that Malec is featured in the series. If they're not, ABC Family will end up feeling the full force of the fierceness of Shadowhunters fans. As mentioned during the airing, we've extremely loyal and passionate about Cassie's story. 

We know change is inevitable. Kat was the first to admit, now twice during interviews, that the show does not follow the books exactly. We appreciate her honesty in that, and letting fans know not to except everything we loved about the books to be featured in the series. It's opposite of what Ed has told fans. He's said numerous times that they're staying faithful to Cassie's story. 

In response to last night's airing, fans have been asking Cassie questions, and sharing their thoughts with her on the special. In response, Cassie wrote this beautifully stated post about the Shadowhunters TV, and her having nothing to do with the series. I highly recommend that all Shadowhunter fans read it! Please go HERE to read it. 

I've quoted some what she wrote, below:

** So since the Beyond the Shadows special aired, I have been inundated with these kinds of questions, as well as of course the usual stuff about how I could have “let” “them” make changes to the books, etc.
I thought it was time to reiterate what’s on my website, just because I want you to understand that this was my position before, and the situation before, and that it is the same, and nothing has changed.
** I think it is very clear to everyone at this point that there have been many changes to the books in the TV adaptation, and that the characters are different, as is the story and how it unfolds. Even the way Isabelle dresses in the show is not the way Isabelle would dress or did dress in the books. (I have a chart of every time Isabelle’s clothes are ever mentioned in the books. Largely it is long skirts, dresses, jeans and gear.)
** I can’t speak to the changes that have been made for this show, their extent or their repercussions, because I was not at all involved in the creation of this show. 
** The show is the show, and nothing I say here or anywhere will change anything about it. While I know some things about it, there is much I don’t know, and I don’t believe in making up my mind without the whole picture, or misleading others with opinions that aren’t based on the full story.
** Again on the topic of input: it is normal and not unusual for the author of the source material an adaptation is based on not to be consulted about the adaptation.
** I have noticed an interesting thing, and perhaps it is because the show has not aired yet, but most fan questions about the show are still directed at me, and the discussion about changes from the books vaguely references “the writers.” The person you are thinking of is Ed Decter. He is the showrunner.
** Ed Decter is responsible for Shadowhunters. (I have seen people refer to him as Ben Decter. His name is Ed.)
** So yes, you are right about Isabelle, but I don’t know if it really helps anything for me to confirm that I agree. I understand why you would want to know my opinion and if I share your fears and concerns, and of course I have my own concerns. But I think my speaking to it or about it underlines the mistaken idea that I have some control, or some say, or had input and I did not.*
** Therefore, with the hope of redirecting people toward the actual creators of this show, I will not be commenting on the show again until substantially after it airs. 
** I don’t mean I am going to ignore that the show exists; I’m always happy to reblog gifsets, and Instagram when I’m with the cast or crew so you can see what’s going on. But I am not going to answer questions that involve decisions made by people who aren’t me. Mostly what I am here for is to talk about books: I’m always excited to chat with you about characters, and about books past and upcoming, and I’m super thrilled about Lady Midnight and can’t wait for you to read it!
** Whatever happens with the show, I’m always a writer first, and sharing the world of the Shadowhunters with all of you has been one of the great pleasures of my life. :)
* Actually, I did get some say in casting the main parts, and I very much like the actors and believe in their commitment to their roles. If the question is “Why did you get input into casting and not into the story?” — well, casting and writing are different departments.
Ed Decter: @edecter on twitter
Shireen Razack, story editor : @shireenwhynot on twitter

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OUT TODAY - Tuesday December 8th, 2015

Check out today's list for the new YA releases hitting shelves today!

  1. Wandering Stars (Zodiac #2) by Romina Russell, released on 12.8.15 from Razorbill
  2. The Trouble With Destiny by Lauren Morrill, released on 12.8.15 from Delacorte
  3. Instructions For The End Of The World by Jamie Kain, released on 12.8.15 from St. Martin's Griffin
  4. Inherit the Stars by Tessa Elwood, released on 12.8.15 from Running Press Kids
Releasing Later This Week:
  1. Gates of the Arctic by Shelena Shorts, released on 12.10.15 from Lands Atlantic
Which new releases are you looking forward to picking up?