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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lady Midnight Launch - Recap #LadyMidnight #Shadowhunters

Last Tuesday Cassandra Clare launched her newest Shadowhunters book, Lady Midnight, at the Barnes & Noble at The Grove in LA. What an amazing event! I had the privilege of taking over Simon Teen's Twitter and Instagram for the event, and there I shared exclusive pictures, videos and more. 

One of the exciting features of the night, aside from Cassandra Clare, Holly Black and the Cast of Shadowhunters being there, was the Lady Midnight tour bus. Check out our amazing this is! If you saw Cassie on her Clockwork Princess tour, it was similar to it. I heart these buses. 


The evening started off with a visit to the tour, and a fabulous chat with Cassie. During our visit, I recorded a quick interview, which I'll be posting later this week. It was so great to catch up with her, and Holly Black. 

Cassie with an awesome Shadowhunters weapon from after one of her interviews. I can't remember which book tuber brought it, but it was really cool.

Cassie has an amazing fashion sense, and these were her shoes she was rocking that night. I think Magnus would totally approve!

I hate selfies, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to take one with these two! I adore Cassie and Holly. 

While Cassie was doing an interview, I had to take a picture of her lovely flowers with her even lovelier cover. 

The Grove is awesome! It definitely knows how to throw a book launch party! Cassie had over 500 fans there, and from all over the world. They were amazing! In attendance with Cassie, was the cast of Shadowhunters. Thank you to Freeform/ABC Family, myself, and few other bloggers and book tubers had the opportunity to live chat with the cast while they were watching episode 9 of Shadowhunters. 


This cast is absolutely amazing! They are do down to earth, hilarious, and boy do they appreciate their fans. They absolutely love Cassie! It was so great to hang out with them for a bit, and watch them do their live #ShadowhuntersChat. I don't think I've ever been in such a chill room with so many people, considering there was a lot going on that night. It was a blast, and an evening filled with a lot of laughter. The cast has amazing chemistry, and it reflects when they're all together. 

Behind the scenes pictures of the cast live tweeting with fans while watching episode 9 of Shadowhunters. 

The whole group (the cast, bloggers, and book tubers).

Before the signing started, and after the episode aired, Cassie and the cast gathered for some exclusive pictures and a video for Shadowhunters and Simon Teen. These are a few of the pictures I took. All these pictures were shared on Simon Teen's Instagram and Twitter feeds. 

I absolutely love this picture of Cassie and the Cast! 

This might be my new favorite picture with Cassie. 


Cassie has some of the best fans! Over 500 fans from all over the globe were here to celebrate the release of Lady Midnight with her. Before the signing, Cassie, and the cast of Shadowhunters took part in a Q&A moderated by Holly Black. It was a lot of fun! These pictures were ones I also shared on Simon Teen's Instagram and Twitter. 

Cassie and Isaiah 

Cassie with the cast: Isaiah, Katherine, Emeraude, and Harry


Cassie & I 

What an amazing evening! Cassie signed countless books, and took pictures with each of her fans. It was so wonderful to be apart of an unforgettable event! I loved being able to be there to celebrate with the lady who's given us Shadowhunter fans so much! Cassie is simply amazing!

Holly Black & I

Holly Black is simply amazing! I loved seeing her again! 

This means so much, and is my favorite signed book!


Harry Shum Jr. & I 

After the signing, the bloggers and booktubers had the chance to sit down and interview the cast. You can check out my video interview with them here. Here's a picture of part of my video interview with the cast.

Thank you to Simon Teen, Cassandra Clare, Freeform and the cast of Shadowhunters for an amazing night! You can catch my posts for Simon Teen via the #LadyMidnightLA on Instagram! Check out recap of the launch of Lady Midnight here.

Follow Simon Teen tonight, as I take over their accounts for the last leg of Cassie's US Lady Midnight tour stop tonight in Austin, TX! She kicks off her UK tour next month. Find out where she's headed to, here.

* All pictures are property of Mundie Moms / Simon Teen. Please do not use pictures without permission. 


  1. Sigh. <3 This recap is amazing Katie. Thank you so, so much for sharing about it all :) I'm so jealous of you. <3 Sounds like it was an aaaamazing event :D YAY! Cassie is the best. Wish I could have been there too :) One day, I hope. <3 So glad you had an amazing time :)

    1. Thank you Carina! It was an amazing day! I hope you get to see Cassie one day soon. :)