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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Shadowhunters TV: Episode 8: Bad Blood / Preview #Shadowhunters

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Who's ready for tonight's episode of Shadowhunters? We are! To hold us over until tonight's airing of episode 8: Bad Blood, we'll be watching tonight's promo preview and looking through all the pictures that ShadowhuntersTV has shared on Facebook & Facebook. I am loving the picture of Alec, above. Check out the rest of the pictures and the trailer below! 

Catch a few more sneak peaks:

Have you checked out some of the pictures ShadowhuntersTV has recently shared on Twitter and Facebook? Including these pictures from tonight's episode, which where shared here.

Be sure to tune into to Freeform tonight at 9/8pm CST to find out what happens with Simon, Magnus & Alec, and to see if we get another Clace kiss.

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