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Monday, March 21, 2016

ShadowhuntersTV: Episode 10: This World Inverted / Review

Hello Shadowhunters! Today we're sharing our thoughts for Episode 10 of Shadowhunters, which aired this past Tuesday. Let's just say we weren't fans. 

Katie's Thoughts

Just as I thought the series couldn't get worse. This week's writing totally proved me wrong. What in the world did I just watch? This was like watching a poorly written fanfic come to life. They literally just ruined much of the overall Shadowhunters storyline from the books, for no reason. None of what I watched this week made sense. As was said in this week's episode, "focus on the differences". Okay, let's do that, oh wait, the entire episode was different than the books. Yeah, an adaptation still has some things from the book series in it, but other than the character names, this episode had none. 

I've officially lost all respect for Alec. Great job writers, you've totally ruined a great storyline, and a crucial character (when I say you, I mean the show runner, Ed and his head writers). You have done a huge disservice to the character that Cassandra Clare created. You've instead created a character that doesn't care about anyone but himself. He's selfish, and commits an unforgivable thing. Not only did he stand by when his sister got arrested, he turned his back on his family, and sold them all out to Lydia, someone he doesn't even really know, yet he's engaged to her?! Yep, still trying to figure out that one. Also if you read the TID series, you'd know that she can't be related to Henry. Back to Alec, I didn't buy into this deranged version of Alec what so ever at all. Not only has he sold out his family, and Jace, he's sold out his sister and he's bargained the mortal cup for her freedom. Worse than that, he didn't care if his bond with Jace broke, and he claimed Jace was dead to him. Wow. Way to ruin a character! He contradicts everything the real character stands for. And no, I didn't fall for the attempt to make Alec into a knight in shinning armor when he confessed to Izzy some of what he did to try and save her. 

Let's talk about the alternate world. First off, I didn't realize the faeries could create portals. I thought Warlocks were the ones who could do that. Apparently the books got that wrong. I found it funny that Luke owns a bookstore in this world, when that's exactly what he owns in the books. However, I will say him being a cop works for the show, and I love what he and Simon do to throw the cop of their case. Back to the alternate world.... I found the whole Alice in Wonderland inspired "alternate world" a complete joke, including making Valentine the 'Mad Hatter'. I guess I should say that the one good thing about this was, is that Valentine wasn't in Chernobyl for the entire episode. Speaking of Chernobyl, do the writers even realize what they just did by introducing Michael Wayland into the the storyline? They have already introduced way too many characters for this first season, and as a result already had to kill some off, but introducing Michael really ruins a lot of the story.

This episode was a disaster! Did the show runner, Ed or any of his head writers actually read any of Cassandra Clare's books? If they had, they would have used some of the material from her books to at least create a decent episode. All the material the writers needed is already in Cassie's books. If they had taken the time to read her books, or do their own research, this episode could have gone so much better than it did. This is no longer an adaptation of Cassie's books, nor is it inspired by her books. It's something else entirely, which would be fine, except back before the tv series aired, Ed told fans he was going to stay true to the book series as much as he possibly could. This episode proved him wrong.

The only things I liked from this episode was Izzy telling Lydia a piece of her mind, Chairman Meow, Church, Izzy's Star Wars shirt she wore in the alternate world, Java Jace (hello Jace), and seeing Jocelyn and Valentine together. Not even Jace's "Shut up and kiss me!" line were enough to save this train wreck of an episode. Considering how bad ratings dropped after this episode, I'm wondering how the writers are even going to come back from this, and how the end of this season is going to wrap up. 

Em's Thoughts

What did I just watch? Did that episode make any sense? Felt like a clip show from a bad sitcom. I know it was supposed to have an alternative universe upside down feel but no just no. There was even awful CGI with the demon in the basement as if the dimension was in 1950's bad tv. My Mr16 even punched the wall (no damage) when Jace & Simon high fived at the party. I'm lactose intolerant I can't handle that much cheese.

So I know this doesn't follow the books any more as far as story goes, but why tamper with the world and myths/laws etc that Cassie wrote so well. It now appears that Fey are now Warlocks and can open portals. And when can a parabatai link can be broken or weakened without it being a big deal! Have the writers not read The infernal devices, or Lady midnight for that matter. Such a huge part of the overall story of the books just changed for no sound reason.

And that last bit at the end, with who Clary & Jace found. Did you hear Miss13 and I shout NO? We live in Australia I think you guys in the USA might have heard us. So that has just really changed the whole story. Not happy at all, I'm sorry producers but I think you might loose us fans

Sophie's Thoughts

Again, I find myself wondering why when there are literally thousands of pages of material, do the writers (and ultimately the blame lies with the producers) insist of not using ANY of it?

I love time travel story lines, but the Shadowhunter Chronicles do not contain that element. There is no Harry Potter-esque time turner, no Dr. Who TARDIS, no wish granting genie in a bottle. Oh but wait, there is a Seelie faerie. But, his name is Meliorn not The Doctor.

Was there something redeeming in this epi? I wouldn't know. Maybe BaristaJace can whip me up a doppio espresso, so I can clear my thoughts. This episode added literally nothing. Okay, the betrayal of Jace (because he stole the Mortal Cup) to Alec. And it added so much nonsense -- breaking of the Parabatai bond/geo locator, a dimension with no Shadowhunters and time travel.

I am honestly hoping that this season ends soon, and while I hold a tiny bit of hope for the newly announced season two, I am left worried. Deeply worried. In season two, will Jace become the Mother of All Dragons?

*  *  *  * *  * 

What did you think of this week's episode? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you thought. You can read our previous reviews here. Check out's recap of this week's episode here

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