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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Shadowhunters TV: Episode 13: MORNING STAR / Preview #Shadowhunters

It's hard to believe that this week the first season of Shadowhunters wraps up on Freeform. There's a lot that's gone on this season. While we're still recovering from last week's episode, we're anxious to see what awaits us in tomorrow night's episode. There's still a lot of unanswered questions I'm hoping get answered tomorrow night. Who else will be turning in to watch the season finale of Shadowhunters tomorrow night at 9 pm / 8 pm CST on Freeform?! We will be! Check out the recent previews & pictures Freeform/ABC Family has shared of episode 13, MORNING STAR. 

Check out for more here and here. Check out some of the pictures below that ABC Family / Freeform recently released:

Tune into Freeform this Tuesday 4/5/16 at 9 pm EST / 8 pm CST to watch the entire episode! Don't forget, you can watch the latest episodes of Shadowhunters, using the Freeform App! 

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