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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Get Ready for Tonight's Season 1 Finale of 'Shadowhunters' with ShadowhuntersTV/Freeform #Shadowhunters

Get ready for tonight's season finale of Shadowhunters! Thank you to, fans can be prepared for tonight's episode by listening to the entire theme song of season 1 of Shadowhunters, make some Shadowhunter cupcakes, chat with the cast and more! If you won't be home tonight to watch the finale, don't worry, you won't miss anything! Get the app here, so you can still watch it.

Dominic Sherwood Talks About Jace, Episode 13 and More With Me #Shadowhunters

Tonight is the season finale of Shadowhunters. I'm pretty sure it's one that will leave us wishing the second season was already set to air. This past week I had the pleasure of interviewing Dominic Sherwood, who plays Jace Wayland on Shadowhunters. He was such a lovely person to interview over the phone. I asked him some of the fan questions that Shadowhunter TV fans sent to me via Twitter. Unfortunately I wasn't able to record our conversation due to some technical difficulties on my end, however I wrote down all of his answers.

I've really enjoyed the way you've brought Jace to life, especially with the last few episodes. Even though I know how Jace's journey goes, the last few episodes have been amazing to see you bring Jace's emotional journey to life. It's killing me to watch him go through all that he is. What was the most important part of Jace's personality for you to bring to life? 

Thank you. Definitely episodes 10 and 11, and when he meets Michael Wayland. It's hard to go through that and emotionally experience what he is. He deals with a lot. He goes through a lot. 

You've done an amazing job at bringing those emotions to life in Jace. What was your favorite scene or episode to shoot?

That's hard. I saw the questions on Twitter, and I was trying to answer them, but that's hard to answer just one. I have three favorite scenes I enjoyed filming. 

1) Episode 13 has a big fight scene I really enjoyed shooting. I can't say anything else about it. 

2) The scene with Alec taking Meliorn to the Silent Brothers, and Alec and Jace fight. Matthew and I put a lot of preparation into that scene. Matthew is such a talented actor, and it's so great to work with them.

3) The other scene was when Simon had just became a vampire, and they were going to Luke to get medicine. Alberto is so talented, and I enjoy working with him. 

We love the action/fight scenes in the series. You guys do an amazing job with these scenes. Do you enjoy the hand to hand fight scenes or the scenes using weapons?

That's a tough question. I would say both. There's a lot of training that I went through to learn new fighting styles, and how Jace would fight. We researched how Greek soldiers fought, and how the Spartans looked in action. We've learned hand to hand techniques, and how to use weapons. We've learned to become trained fighters. Both techniques are different, and have different aspects that I like. 

I'm amazed at all you guys do during those scenes. When I was interviewing part of the last a couple of weeks ago, the girls talked about having to run in heels, and I'm in awe over all you guys do. I can't imagine fighting in heels like Izzy and Clary have done. 

*laughs* I can't imagine Jace in heels, but I could ask Ed to see if we can put Jace in heels for fight scene in Season 2. 

I think Jace needs to put on one of Izzy's dresses to go with those heels.

And fishnet stockings. 

Yes, we can't forget those. 

*laughing* I'm going to have to go ask Ed about this after our interview. 

It would work great for Halloween episode of Shadowhunters. How would you describe Jace in 3 words or less?

Another great question. Would you like me to describe him through episode 13 or through now (episode 12)?

Through now, up to this last week's episode, please.

I would say, solider, tortured, and loyal.

I love that. I think you've descried Jace perfectly. Have you had the chance to read the rest of The Mortal Instruments series? If so, which book is your favorite?

What works for me when filming based on a book series (he was in The Vampire Academy movie), is I read one book at a time. I know enough about Jace, his story, all he deals with, and what he experiences. Reading more of the series would confuse me with this journey and where he's going. 

I like that. That would be confusing reading the entire series, and than try and focus on only bringing the first part of Jace's journey to life vs all of it. So a couple of weeks ago I had the chance to interview most of the cast at Cassie's launch for Lady Midnight. I asked them who the biggest prankster was on set, and they all said you, though Isaiah didn't seem totally agree (laughs, see my interview here). I have to ask, who was the most fun to prank on set?

*laughs* Kat was the most fun to prank. She's easy to scare, because she's so jumpy. She's the most jumpy person I've ever met. Isaiah is hard to get. I have yet to get him, but he's gotten me. 

I know you can't say much, but what can fans except in the last episode? 

You won't be disappointed, and you'll want season 2 real quick!

*  *  *  *  *  * 

Thank you so much to Dominic Sherwood and ABC Family for a great interview! Thanks for the great laughs Dominic about Jace in heels! haha Next time I'll going to come extra prepared with extra recording equipment, because I would have loved to share the audio with you guys. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions for me to ask Dom!

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