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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Lord of Shadows Snippet from @CassieClare *SPOILERS* / Mundane Monday #282 #Shadowhunters

Happy Mundane Monday! 

Check out this new Lord of Shadows snippet Cassandra Clare shared a few days ago on her Tumblr page (here). Be warned, there are SPOILERS

from Lord of Shadows, illustrated by Cassandra Jean:
There was a commotion atop the pavilion, and a single blast from a horn shattered the murmuring quiet in the clearing. The gentry looked up. A tall figure had appeared beside the throne. He was all in white, salt-white, with a doublet of white silk and gauntlets of white bone. White horns curled from either side of his head, startling against the blackness of his hair. A gold band encircled his forehead.
Cristina exhaled. “The King.” 
Emma could see his profile: it was beautiful. Clear, precise, clean like a drawing of something perfect. Emma couldn’t have described the shape of his eyes or cheekbones or the crook of his mouth, and she lacked Jules’ ability to paint it, but she knew it was uncanny and wonderful and that she would remember the face of the King of the Seelie Court for all of her life.
He turned, bringing his face into full view. Emma heard Cristina gasp faintly. The King’s face was divided down the middle. The right side was the face of a handsome young man, luminous with youth and beauty. The left side was an inhuman mask, gray skin tight and leathery over bone, eyesocket empty and black, mottled with red scars. 
Kieran, bound to the tree, looked once at the monstrous face of his father and turned his head away, his chin dropping, tangled dark hair falling to hide his eyes.

Just in cased you missed it, Cassie also shared this featuring Kit, here
“Okay,” Kit said. “But I would just say that it isn’t always about people knowing what’s best for you, or thinking they do. Sometimes they would just miss you.”
“Livvy would miss me —”
“Your whole family would miss you,” said Kit, “and I would miss you.”