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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cassandra Clare's November Signings #Shadowhunters

Don't miss seeing Cassandra Clare! She's got two upcoming signings happening in November! The first signing will be on November 3rd, and the next one will be in NYC on November 18th. Check out her Tumblr post here, for details. I've also shared the details below:

I’ll be doing two signings/appearances before the end of this year. (So I won’t be around for quite a bit of November, but: )
1) November 03, 16 : Sharjah Book Fair, UAE

New York, Barnes and Noble in Tribeca:
 97 Warren Street
New York, NY 10007

The Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy event includes readings from upcoming books, the reveal of the Lord of Shadows cover, and and SPECIAL SURPRISE GUESTS. If you can’t be there I’ll be letting you know how to stream it online.
Hopefully I'll see some of you in NYC on the 18th of November!

Shadowhunters TV: Empire Online Exclusive; Changes Coming In Season Two

The count down for Shadowhunters Season 2 is on! While we're still a couple months away, the buzz is making it nearly impossible for fans to wait that long. With more cast members added, and two new showrunners to the series, fans can expect some changes. From the latest interview show runner Todd Sklavkin recently had with Empire Online, it sounds like there's going to be a lot of changes. I think it's both exciting and a little worrisome all at the same time. I'll admit, his interview gives me hope that this season of Shadowhunters will be much better than the last. I've included a few quotes from his interview, which you can read in full here

One of the things that really stood out to me from Todd's interview are the changes they're making. Here's what Todd said about the writing, and the character changes:
From a writing standpoint, we felt like there could be more depth in the show. We felt like the characters could have more depth and there could be a more resonant emotionality in the show. In season one, we felt like things moved along very, very quickly, and the show was a little bit more plot-driven as opposed to being character-driven. What appealed to us in the great books that Cassie Clare created were these very interesting characters. It would slow down and you'd have these great moments where you'd get to know them and their back stories. 
I also like that he pointed out what the characters and their screen time. I love that he also mentions Jace's humor, that was almost nonexistent in the first series, but very much present in the books, will be apart of this season. Here's what he said: 
 Jace, in the books, is really funny and really has a great, wry sense of humor. You didn't really see that as much in season one. There seemed to be an emphasis on the adults in the show, and it felt like some of the stories were getting away from our seven people on the poster. They were getting less screen time than we felt like they needed. That's not to say that we're shutting the adults out. Of course not. Such a great part of the show is this generational, "Mom, Dad, you did it your way. That's not the only way. We're young and different and we look at things with a different perspective." We did that, we love that, but it felt a little tilted. We wanted to focus a little bit more on our core people.


From being a huge fan of the books, and wanting to like the series more than I previously did, I really liked that Todd mentioned they'd be honoring the material they already have in the books, while also creating something new for TV fans. Here's what he said:
Our initial instinct is to follow our inner compass. Darren and I have been working together forever, and we have very similar tastes. The reason that we were brought on is I think the powers that be shared our taste and knew our work, so at the end of the day our goal is to take the mythology, and this is very similar to what we did on Smallville with DC, and honor the source material and treat it with a reverent hand. But do our own thing. I think when you do that, the book lovers and the show lovers totally get it and are on board. They understand that we get it.
Todd went on to say:
I immediately wanted to get on the phone with Cassie Clare, and I wanted to talk through her mindset. The books really were inspiring to us and it was interesting, because so much of it's tone. She's very cool with letting the material evolve, understanding that a television show is different than a series of novels or movie, and understanding the medium. What she was so pleased about was maintaining the tone from the books. If you're a fan of the books, you're going to watch the show with a smile on your face and you're going to get it, even though the things that are happening might not be exactly what happened in the book.

Based on what Todd said, I think we have a lot to look forward to this season. I wasn't a big fan of last season, and a lot of that had to do with what Todd pointed out. Todd's renewed my faith in the show. I'm excited to see the direction the character stories go as well. There's so much that was rushed last season, and a lot of material was missed. I'm looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds this season, and what's in story for the characters. 

Will you be watching the second season of Shadowhunters? What are you most looking forward to seeing on the show?