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Sunday, January 15, 2017

ShadowhuntersTV Season 2, Episode 2 - A Door into the Dark / Review #Shadowhunters @ShadowhuntersTV

Happy Sunday Shadowhunters. Have you recovered from last week's episode of Shadowhunters? I haven't watched it yet. The hubby thought getting rid of cable, and sticking with Apple TV would be a great idea. Apparently he didn't realize it disrupts my being able to watch Shadowhunters. lol Thankfully Sophie and Emm filled me on everything. I'm now prepared to watch it this episode before watching episode 3. Check out Emm and Sophie's thoughts below. 


Okay, I promise to stop with renaming the episodes, but this just begs for a subtitle. "A Door in the Dark or The First Rule About Fight Club"

Where do I even begin? I guess raising an army of warriors and turning them into Shadowhunters is not enough. In this episode we focus on Valentine's most recent recruitment activity -- hanging around dojos looking for fighters that can withstand the "conversion". BY THE ANGEL! When backed into a writing corner somewhere in the basement of Chernobyl last season, an army was being raised. Was it not? Do I remember this correctly? Well, now that we've moved on to the Zach and Cody: Suite Life on Deck season of Shadowhunters, I guess Valentine needs even more recruits. 

Speaking of demon blood, guess what, Shadowhunters, Jonathan is coming. Earlier than expected. Jocelyn gives Clary a glimpse of what Jonathon was like as a baby. And in a moment, as far away as you can get from any Omen movie anywhere, baby Jonathan kills..a peony. I know, I know. The horror level has been jacked up this season. I guess it makes sense to introduce Jonathan earlier because we already know that Jace and Clary aren't related, but you guys, do you remember that chilling moment in City of Glass when we first met him. Yeah. This episode is nothing like that. He is a flower killer.

(flower killer pic. credit: here

Speaking of nothing like thats. Simon and Magnus travel to India to find Camille and it's adorable. Favorite line: "You're a vampire, Simon". Just juxtaposition that over "You're a wizard, Harry", and maybe the fact that Simon uses a spell to enchant a snake (ENCANTO!) will make sense. It won't, but hey, I'm trying. I think last season established the fact that vampires can enchant people, so why not use it here to showcase Simon's growing set of vamp skill? Somewhere in here, BookSimon would make a comment about Jedi Mind Tricks, but I'm digressing. 

Is there anything left of the book in this show? I'm not sure. The most book-like moments seem to be centered around relationships. I thought it was a digression from the books, but nonetheless important that Clary traveled back to the art college to re-visit what her old life would have looked like. The least book-like moment? Ugh. Maybe ShirtlessAlec (are we making up reasons to see him sans shirt?) using a locator stone to find Jace through the parabatai link. For me, this episode was the worst so far, but I hold onto hope because it's only episode 2.


Well this weeks episode definitely hit the ground running. I don't think you could pick up Shadowhunters in Season 2 without watching Season 1. A good thing to get lots of information out there, but a bad thing if you haven't read the books, it's been a while since you've read the books, or if like me are confused about what you remember is in the books or not.

I can see a lot of improvements with the production as Season 2 gets going, I like the new portals, and the fight scenes are so much better. I like the characters clothes better, Izzy was in regular clothes tonight and for once Clary was in flat boots!

We didn't get a huge amount of character interaction tonight, except maybe Clary and her mum, which did seem odd to me but I'll see where it's going. Sure Jocelyn thinks Jace/Jonathan has demon blood, but I don't know if she'd be so cold towards him. I guess it's still odd because in the books she would still be asleep at this stage.

I do like Simon and Magnus' interactions, but I'm worried Simon is just becoming the comic relief. I know Simon is funny & unsure of himself in the books, but the humour comes from all of the characters, not just him.

Overall it's getting better and seems to be steering to more of the book story line we know and love. Or I can hope it is anyway

*  *  *  *  *  *

Did you watch last week's episode? If so, what were your thoughts on it? What are your predictions for tomorrow night?

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