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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Mundie Moms 2017 Top Ten Favorites: Favorite YA Covers #MMs17Favs

We are officially kicking off our 2017 Favorites Week today! We've already shared a few of our '17 favorites, which you can read here. This week is our official MUNDIE MOMS FAVORITES countdown. We're starting off with our favorite 2017 covers. 

I thought this would be incredibly easy to pick our top ten favorite covers, but it was harder than I thought. This year there were a lot of stunning covers. We also loved the diversity of covers. From children's books, to middle and YA, there were more diverse covers this year than we've previously seen and we loved it. 


There were a lot of covers that caught my eye this year. Some of which are already on Sophie's list. I love seeing the diversity in covers on our lists. With my cover list, I love that some are detailed, and some are simple. Yet each are covers that stood out to me, and are ones that in a sea of covers on bookstore shelves, are books I would have picked up had I not already had a copy of the book. 



It goes without saying that Lord of Shadows is a stunningly dark and beautiful cover, but these 10 also caught my eye. 

What are some of your favorite covers from this year? 

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  1. Eee, SO MANY gorgeous book covers :D Sigh. There are tons of stunning covers lately. <3 Yesss for Lord of Shadows :D Love all of these. Thank you both for sharing :)