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Friday, February 3, 2017

ShadowhuntersTV Series, S2; E5: DUST AND SHADOWS / Review #shadowhunters

Happy Friday Shadowhunters. Today, Sophie shares her thoughts on this week's episode of Shadowhunters. We all definitely have similar views on what we watched this week, and have been watching so far this season. It will be interesting to see what happens next week. Based on ratings for this week's episode, it wasn't good. 


Where do I even begin with this week's episode?

Just when I think the showrunner/writers are heading in a semi-familiar (i.e. something from the 10-book series that I can recognize), they throw me for a ginormous loop.


We're introduced to a warlock, Iris Rouse (who is 700 years old according to FREEFORM's rather cute : 12 Tiny But Awesome Details You Might Have Missed in S2E5. And immediately the Questions in My head start. Who is she? Why was she introduced? Is she Katarina? She's a mundane doctor, but also runs a Handmaiden's Tale-style warlock baby production place. I know what you're thinking -- WHAAAAAAAAAT?


This gives the powers-that-be an excuse to bring forward what S1 sadly forgot -- Clary's ability to create runes. Not only does a drugged Clary escape her inevitable fate of being impregnated by a demon (Yes, we know, Shadowhunters cannot become pregnant by demon baby-daddies. Don't worry, Iris created a potion that helps this matter along, which Clary drank thinking it was tea). Fortunately, our fave Brother-in-Arms shows up just as the yucky demon is lunging for Clary. Not to worry, Jace. Clary writes a new rune on herself and BAM, the demon vanishes.

The other troubling storyline is when the Inquisitor, I keep forgetting his name because he's not in the books, introduces Isabelle to yin-fen. It's to help with her demon bite. Uh-huh, sure. One of the booktubers, Christine of PolandBananaBooks mentioned a theory in her review, that perhaps Inquisitor Aldertree is Sebastian and that's how he will be introduced to us. Interesting theory and one I like. But do you remember how he was introduced in City of Glass. That chilling moment when we all realized, along with Clary, that she, yup, kissed another brother.

The rest of the episode just kind of disappeared in the background of these two plot points. I find myself wondering, not only what's next, but how are they going to muddle up some more of the intricate lore of Shadowhunters. Will we ever get any parts of the series we love. Do they just lift the bits they like and dump it into recycled plots of fantasy series/movies in order to capture that male audience? Time will tell.

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