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Friday, March 3, 2017

Shadowhunters TV Series, S2 E9: BOUND BY BLOOD / Review #shadowhunters

Image from FREEFORM's Shadowhunters webpage
Well, things are wrapping up as we approach mid-season. Here's our review of episode 9, "Bound by Blood":

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This week, I tried something new. I tried forgetting everything I've read in all the books, and I approached watching the episode with fresh, know-nothing-about-Shadowhunters eyes. And you know what? It kinda worked better that way.

So, with Shadowhunter amnesia firmly in place. Let's discuss what worked and didn't work.

File under What Worked:

- Jace's pain. OMGOSH. Watching Jace acknowledge Simon and Clary's relationship (by catching them canoodling in a canoe -- say that three times fast) was painful.
- Jace and Simon. The bromance that keeps on giving. Their snarky confrontations are the best parts of every episode. In fact, who wants to join me in requesting that FREEFORM/Constantin Films puts together a compilation of them? Yes, please.
- Alec (or should I say Alexander?) and Magnus. Their relationship (and Jace's well timed interruptions) are beautiful to watch. There's a healthy dose of BookAlec and BookMagnus and their chemistry just sizzles.
- Sizzy, I mean Rizzy. The storyline of Raphael (although smacking of Twlight's infamous preparing Italian dinner for Bella film moment) and Izzy making dinner while discussing why he's so good at prepping human food was full of a sweetness and a longing (and not just for yin-fenny venom). It was revealed that Raphy has a 78-year-old sister who suffers from dementia. My heart broke.
- Valentine: The actor just plays him so well. His confrontation with Jace at the restaurant was everything good. Love the two of them and how they play off of one another. There was tension, history and pain.

Even with my ShadowhunterBook amnesia firmly in place, these moments are filed under What Didn't Work At All:

Image from FREEFORM's Shadowhunters website.

- Aldertree: I'm waiting for him to turn into Sebastian, aren't you? He's reading The Art of War, so there's another hint dropped. He also had an ugly, confrontation with Alec. So, yeah. Hating him while finding him completely unnecessary until he's Sebastian. But really, why do we need Seb when we have Big Bad Daddy Valentine?
- Dot: When she appeared I immediately thought -- isn't she dead already? Oh wait, that's the book. I have amnesia. Never mind. I hated that Valentine used her to teach little baby warlock whatshername.
- Little Baby Warlock Whatshername: Speaking of her, whyyyyyyyyy do they use her when they have Dot? Is it only for her ability to make frozen hot chocolate? OMGOODNESS, the dumb in that moment.

From FREEFORM's Shadowhunters webpage.

- Downworlders Meeting: I loved that the downworlders met and all realize that Clary can destroy them within one touch of the magic sword. I know, I know I feel your collective eye rolls. And I actually give the writers props for using the meeting to have Meliorn reveal that Raphael is in love with Izzy. But, didn't they have other things to discuss? More important things? It reminded me of those moments in every reality show, where they get together to discuss what happened and then the fight ensues.


I think what FREEFORM has is a pretty true-to-themselves urban fantasy show. As a fan of the books, though, even with my Shadowhunter amnesia experiment, I find it hard to watch them struggle to tie together, at times, nonsensical plotlines when the original material is so rich with detail and potential. I realize I'm repeating this sentiment every week, but there you have it. 

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What did you guys think of this week's episode? Are you excited for the mid-season finale?