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Friday, June 2, 2017

Books and Tea: Pairing Adagio Iced Teas with Books

* * * * * * S P O N S O R E D   P O S T * * * * * * *
(We were sent teas from adagio teas in exchange for an honest review)

Ah, finally summer is here. Not officially, of course, but those of us in snowy climates are pretty safe from more of that white stuff falling down from the sky. At least I'd like to think we are for now, anyway. Adagio Teas (who incidentally have some tempting fandom blends, which we didn't try this time, but will go back and buy!) approached us to taste test some of their teas, and I thought hey, wouldn't it be fun to pair them (yes, like you would wines, only not :) ) with books?!?!  This is a mom on full throttle end-of-school-year brain! 

So, let's see what the pairings I've come up with today. First, let me talk about the packaging. The iced teas come in these easy to pull out, no, they are not messy, mesh bags. They look completely luxurious floating in pitchers on your back porch. Also, take a look at the ingredients. You can actually see and recognize what's inside. But enough about the look, it's the taste that surprised me. 

The peach oolong tea tasted of honey and freshly picked peaches. If you're like me, you like your tea unsweetened. And the fragrance and flavor of this tea brings to mind long summer days and eating those way too ripe peaches that just dribble juice down your hands and elbows. I've paired it with what, but the most Southern YA book I own, Rachel Hawkins' Rebel Belle (link to review).

When I saw, that adagio teas offered a mango iced tea, well, let's just say that was a quick click-buy:

We're all Mundie Moms here, so I know right away how you feel about mangoes and who comes to mind when we think about mangoes -- JACE. I'll just leave this picture here for a second, so we can all admire him (something that Jace would surely love):

I let the tea steep overnight in the fridge and what I woke up to was the richest of mango flavors. It didn't need a drop of sweetener or honey. It's a black tea blend that is just what you need for that mid-morning pick-me-up drink. Not overwhelming, but steeped with flavor. 

Who's eaten their fill of strawberries this year? Not me! They are just coming into season. That moment when you bite into a deliciously sweet berry and you feel like you've just tasted the flavor of summer itself? That's what this wild strawberry iced tea tastes like. It was my kids favorite, too. I sweetened it with a bit of honey for them, and they drank it like they drink soda or those yucky energy drinks. 

You can see the dried strawberries, apples, hibiscus and rose hips in the bag. That's it for ingredients. This tea is also caffeine free. I poured into their Hydroflasks for their after-school activities and it stayed icy cold. I paired the tea with none other than Lara Jean Song. The To All the Boys I've Loved Before trilogy is one I've shared with my girls and a tale about sisters, first loves and high school awkwardness will always be one that I adore (link to review)

Be sure to check out adagio tea's fandom blends! Oh my goodness, someone stop me from buying the Hamilton ones, the Harry Potter ones....oooooooh, look there are even OTEA-Ps!!!!

Let us know in the comments which beverage you like to sip when you're reading, and hey, let me know how I did with the pairings. Tomorrow, I will feature the last blends and pairings, so stop by and see what teas and books I've chosen.