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Monday, June 19, 2017

Cassie Clare Shares Extended Romantic Scene Between Julian & Emma from #LordofShadows / Mundane Monday #Shadowhunters

*Art by Cassandra Jean

Happy Mundane Monday Shadowhunters! Just in case you missed it, Cassie shared an extended, steamy scene between Julian and Emma from Lord of Shadows. It is hot. Think the Jace and Clary cave kiss, but steamier. Here's what Cassie said about it:

*clears throat* The most requested thing in my inbox has been the extended NSFW version of the cottage scene with Emma and Julian in Lord of Shadows. I usually write romantic scenes much longer than they actually are and then cut them down (it’s just how I do it) so these are the “unedited” versions. As such they do sometimes contain typos, word repeats, etc. I’m hoping you can enjoy them anyway. ;) The first version of this scene was in Julian’s POV, so here are all his insecure, complicated, desirous thoughts. ;)

If you have NOT read Lord of Shadows, do not click this link. It's full of spoilers. If you have read it, then you may want to click it and keep reading.... *This is a well written, sensual scene that may not be suitable for all ages. 

Also, be sure to check out Cassie's Tumblr page. She's been answering a ton of fan questions lately. Check out her page here