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Friday, June 23, 2017

New LORD OF SHADOWS, SDCC Poster! #LordofShadows #Shadowhunters #SDCC

Shadowhunter fans attending SDCC (Comic Con in San Diego) will be in a for a treat! They'll be able to pick up an exclusive, Lord of Shadows poster from the Simon & Schuster booth. Made for SDCC, Cassie shared a teaser from the poster with fans this week on Tumblr, here. Check out what she said below:

Emma and Julian hold off the Faerie Riders. Detail (small section) from Alice Duke’s exclusive Lord of Shadows San Diego Comicon poster! SDCC attendees can pick it up at the Simon and Schuster booth – more details to come soon!

While I won't be at ComicCon this year, I can't wait to see the poster in it's entirety. 

See @CassieClare in London & Edinburgh this August! #Shadowhunters

Exciting news for UK Shadowhunter fans! Cassie is headed to both London and Edinburgh later this summer. She'll be in London on 8/17, and then she'll attend the Edinburgh book festival with Holly Black, on 8/19. Details for both events below. I wish I was able to go overseas to both these events. I can't wait to see all the pictures from fans!

LONDON EVENT ** The London event is sold out**

Per Cassie's Tumblr page:
London signing! Thursday, August 17
An Evening of Magic, Morality, Mythology, and More with Cassandra Clare and Holly Black
Thursday 17th August at 7pm (doors 6:30pm)
Venue: St James’s Church 197 Piccadilly, London W1J 9LL
Join #1 New York Times-bestselling authors Cassandra Clare and Holly Black in this exclusive London event as they discuss their latest fantastical adventures.
Cassie and Holly will be interviewed on stage talking about their jointly written Magisterium series, Cassie’s latest Shadowhunters novel, Lord of Shadows, and Holly’s new book, The Cruel Prince, coming out in 2018.
After the talk you will have the opportunity to meet Cassie and Holly to get your books signed* and to receive special fan gifts.
Tickets: £8 general admission (unreserved seating): 
Please note: If you purchase a ticket to the event and also pre-order a copy of Holly’s new book The Cruel Prince (published January 2018) from and show confirmation of your pre-order at the event you will be presented with an exclusive money-can’t-buy Cruel Prince goodie bag and a personalised signed bookplate.
If you bring a copy of Lord of Shadows to the event, or buy one there, you will also receive a limited edition Shadowhunters postcard pack and a poster. 
*Note: Cassandra Clare will sign and personalise one new book per person and any other books will be stamped with a specially designed stamp.


Pic source: TMI Scotland

Get more information and to purchase tickets for this event, please go here.

Shadowhunters TV Series, S2B, E13: THOSE OF DEMON BLOOD / Review #shadowhunters

From Freeform's website.

So, here we are episode 13 titled menacingly, "Those of Demon Blood". I gotta ask, who's still watching? Is it only us now? This week, Emm is unable to join in, and I have it from a good source *looks around for Magnus* that Katie B herself may add her review. But for now, it's just me, so let's press play and see what unravels this week.


The episode starts off (bizarrely) with Clary booking a show for Simon's band. I say bizarre because the rock band subplot was not even a subplot in the books. The very next scene has Kaelie (was that the name of the fairie waitress that Jace dated in CoB?) pouring a shot of whiskey (or whatever alcohol Jace orders) right over Jace's lap and the camera zooms in for a crotch shot. For reals. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse. Maia reminds Jace that the "soul sword" he "ignited killed a lot of them" meaning Downworlders. You know, in case we forgot. Or just tuned in. Or had a forgetting rune. All this happened before the opening credits, so you know this will be a let's count the eye-rolls episode.

From Freeform's website.

Eyeroll #2 came quickly: Simon's line "I'm not really looking for a posse at the moment." when he's asked if he wants to lead the vampire clan being a Daylighter and all.

From Freeform's website.

Eyeroll #3 Lord, that Gramquisitor™. She suspects Luke killed the Shadowhunter, because it doesn't matter, I think the writers, director and producers are phoning it in at this point. Because Gramquisitor adores her baby Herondale, she appoints him head of the Institute while she's away. No reason is given for her departure. Just get Grams out of the way. Maybe the producers saw my previous review? And oh, by the way, she delivers this speech in the MOST MONOTONE voice ever while wearing a tailored jumpsuit. Props to wardrobe for the jumpsuit.

From Freeform's website.

Eyeroll #4 We can't let Malec be -- not for one episode. Because a warlock attacked a Shadowhunter, it has to be Magnus, right? No other warlocks around New York City, so let's pick on the High Warlock of Brooklyn. I know what you're thinking, because I'm thinking it, too -- OMG, the dumb.

Eyeroll #5 Now for those of you who may be light on your world history and have not heard of the horrors of Nazi concentration camps, Simon gives you a personal story of his Bubbie Helen and likens it to what's happening with Downworlders. I'm not sure what this has to do with requests for DNA samples, but there it is. My guess is that somehow this scene should've been put later in the story. It feels out of sequence.

Eyeroll #6  Clary gets attacked, but Simon's vampire speed gets him there right on time. It gives the Jace-Simon shippers a moment of back-and-forth between the two of them and the dialogue is just flat and awful.

From Freeform's website.

Eyeroll #8  And we have the real reason that the comparison to the Nazis was made -- Gramquisitor wants to tag all Downworlders. You know, because Shadowhunters can be tracked through their runes, so why not Downworlders, too. Honestly, I wanted to stop watching right here. But, I made it to the end of the episode somehow with a few more eyerolls.  There's a unneccesarry fight scene between Maia and Jace. Hey, when a girl doesn't want to be chipped, no means no, Jace.

As Luke says near the end of the epi, "It's about starting a war." I guess there wasn't enough build up in the previous episodes, so we have to drive the message home. The issue with season 2B is that the storyline suffers because each episode has to be wrapped up, and the overall story arc is sacrificed. There's a decent story arc in there, but it feels like Freeform is scrambling to keep viewers on an episode by episode basis. It's a real shame.

I'll leave you with a link to Simon's song, because yes, he gets that gig. Like I said, everything is resolved in each episode.

- - - -

Clary: "Jace make this stop, you know this is wrong."
Gramquisitor: "The Institute is now in your hands, Jace."

It's in Jace's hands and why don't I feel good about this? So MMs, let me know your thoughts in comments. I know quite a few of you enjoy the show. Please tell me what you're loving about it?


I really wish Sophie and I lived close enough to where we could watch this show together. The dialogue we'd come up with, would be hilarious. At least to us it would. I'm laughing at her "Gramquisitor". Yes, to all she said in her review. She said it better than I, because I'm just going to be straight forward in my thoughts, some of which I already shared on Twitter after the show aired, and I was trying to figured out what I just watched. 

What an epic disaster. Seriously, what in the world is happening on Shadowhunters?! Is anyone else as confused as to what they saw this week? I'm more confused by all the Lord of Shadows references that were made. I'm sorry, I know they don't have the rights to that book, but it was may too much of a coincidence that those were made, and taken directly out of the book, and put into this week's episode. Yes, the networks do receive arcs. No, I won't mention specifics (yet), for the sake of spoilers from those who haven't finished the book (looks to Sophie lol). 

I'm going to be honest, I have nothing nice to say about this show, except for the cast. This week reminded me why I stopped wasting my time on this train wreck of a series, that shouldn't have been renewed for a third season. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened. The ONLY good thing this show has for it, is the cast. The cast is what keeps this show going. 

Someone get this cast an award! They deserve it. Their ability to act with such poorly written scripts proves just how good they are at their job. My word. Will someone please send the writers & producers the audiobooks, so they'll at least LISTEN to the books, since it's painfully obvious they still haven't read the books. They have destroyed so much of who these characters are so, and what they stand for. I don't get why. 

Do we need to remind those behind the scenes that NO MEANS NO! Seriously, why are we having another issue with consent? Why?! I'm taking about that Maia and Jace scene. Jace wouldn't cross a like that, and it angers me that yet again, is another issue this show can't seem to get right. 

I stopped watching the series last season, because it was just garbage, and this week I was reminded why I should have stuck with the books, and not wasted my time with the show. There, I said it. This show is a train wreck of the worst written fanfic I've seen. If it was an adaptation, it would be so much better. Between us, I'm still trying to figure out why they "adapted" Cassie's books when they care so little about the content that's in the books. I want to see what I love about the characters, come to life. Instead we get a distorted version of characters who seem to be as confused as the writers, on what they should be doing. I guess my wishful thinking in it might be better with a third season, was just that, wishful.