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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Sneaky-Peaky Happy Birthday, Katie, Post

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You guys, a year has gone by since I did my sneaky-peaky Happy Birthday, Katie post. I can't even believe that. But here we are, and I have the complete honor, once again, in wishing our very own the Mundiest of Mamas, Ms. Katie B, a very happy birthday!

She's shared on social media that this birthday is a milestone one, but that's her story to tell. Milestones are only labels, and I've got a few I wanted to use that best describe Katie. 

You see, my story is one of friendship that's lasted 9 years. Friends who have met IRL only once, but have shared so many milestones together. From that first day of preschool drop-off to the first day of college drop-off. We've spent many of our mama moments together (virtually speaking). I've cried on her shoulder so many times and laughed with her until bladder control became an issue for both of us (I know, I know, I'm sharing way too much!). She's got a wealth of knowledge when it comes to raising kids. She's the most patient of listeners. She's a dispenser of valuable advice. She's that friend who knows when you need a chat the most. Simply put, she's the kindest

Book-wise? Where do I even start? She is what every fangirl wants to be. She defends what she loves and makes zero excuses. She will promote a book that's not on anyone's radar, yet. Trust me, she will make you pick it up and read it just so you can fangirl with her. And then you will laugh so much and swoon at the same points that the shared experience will be one you will both reference years later. Simply put, she's the truest of bookworms

As for life-work-family balance. I honestly don't know how she does it. I've watched her work a 40-hour-plus week at work, move into a new house, become team mom for both of her kids' teams and throw a birthday party or two without missing a beat. I mean it. Not a cupcake was forgotten. Not a blog post was missed. Not a productive work hour was lost. Simply put, she is the multi in multi-tasking. 

To my kind, bookwormish, multi-tasker-extraordinaire friend, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. May this year be the best one, yet. May it be filled with much love, much laughter and many, many happy memories. I always say that the gift of friendship is the greatest gift of all, and I thank you for that precious gift. Now, go get this milestone and make it absolutely everything you've always wanted it to be!

Taken in March 2013 for the Clockwork Princess tour. The only time we met in real life.

THE LEGENDS OF LUKE SKYWALKER by Ken Liu / Blog Tour: Spotlight & Giveaway #StarWars

Welcome to the next stop in The Legends of Luke Skywalker blog tour. I'm thrilled to feature debut author, Ken Liu's brand new release on the blog today. This is a must have for Star Wars fans and was released yesterday. Below you'll find out more about the book, and be sure to check out the giveaway and enter to win, at end of this post. First, about the book:


By: Ken Liu
Published: Disney Lucasfilm Press
Release on : October 31, 2017
Purchase it from: Amazon | Audible | B&N | TBD
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As a cargo ship rockets across the galaxy to Canto Bight, the deckhands on board trade stories about legendary Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker. But are the stories of iconic and mysterious Luke Skywalker true, or merely tall tales passed from one corner of the galaxy to another? Is Skywalker really a famous Jedi hero, an elaborate charlatan,or even part droid? The deckhands will have to decide for themselves when they hear The Legends of Luke Skywalker.

A collection of myths and tall-tales about the legendary Jedi Luke Skywalker, written by Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy award-winning author Ken Liu.


Ken Liu is an author of speculative fiction, as well as a translator, lawyer, and programmer. A winner of the Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy awards, he has been published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Asimov’s, Analog, Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, and Strange Horizons, among other places.
Ken’s debut novel, The Grace of Kings (2015), is the first volume in a silkpunk epic fantasy series, The Dandelion Dynasty. It won the Locus Best First Novel Award and was a Nebula finalist. He subsequently published the second volume in the series, The Wall of Storms (2016) as well as a collection of short stories, The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories (2016). He also wrote the Star Wars novel, The Legends of Luke Skywalker (2017).

In addition to his original fiction, Ken also translated numerous literary and genre works from Chinese to English. His translation of The Three-Body Problem, by Liu Cixin, won the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2015, the first translated novel ever to receive that honor. He also translated the third volume in Liu Cixin’s series, Death’s End (2016) and edited the first English-language anthology of contemporary Chinese science fiction, Invisible Planets (2016).

He lives with his family near Boston, Massachusetts.

Find him online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


Thank you to Disney Hyperion, 3 winners will receive a finished copy of THE LEGENDS OF LUKE SKYWALKER, US Only.


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New Shadowhunters & Fairytales Featuring Rafaela Lightwood-Bane #Shadowhunters

Happy November 1st! I hope you're recovering from all the Halloween fun yesterday. Just in case you missed it, Cassie shared another Shadowhunters fairytale picture from artist Cassandra Jean. From her post here, I shared what she said below.

People have been asking to see more Fairytales, so for a Halloween surprise…!! 
Little Rafael Lightwood-Bane as MomotarĊ!
(if you are unfamiliar with MomotarĊ, It is a Japanese fairytale. Long story short:  A couple finds a baby inside of a peach and adopts him- later, he heads off to defeat demons with the help of a talking dog, monkey and pheasant. Read it, it’s great. And we thought it was perfect for lil adopted Rafael.)  

I love this fairytale series! 

I am loving this Shadowhunters fairytale series.