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Friday, December 8, 2017

Penguin Random House Holiday Gift Guide 2017 for YA Readers @PenguinTeen @RandomHouseKids

Looking for that perfect holiday gift, or maybe the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite YA reader? Penguin Random House has you covered. From their newest releases, to popular YA releases through out the year, Penguin Random House recently shared with us their 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for young readers. I'm thrilled to share that list with you today. There is something for everyone on this list. Just click on the title and you'll be taken to PRH's link for each individual title to learn more about the book, and where to buy it at.


If you have a younger reader you're looking to buy for, check out Penguin Random House's list for children and MG readers, here. I'll be sharing more Holiday gift guides from more publishers through out the coming weeks. 

In Celebration of Magnus's Birthday Today, @cassieclare Shares A Snippet from 'The Eldest Curses' #Shadowhunters

(art by Cassandra Jean)

Happy Birthday to our favorite warlock, MAGNUS BANE! To celebrate his birthday today, Cassie shared a snippet from The Eldest Curses; The Red Scrolls of Magic (out 3.5.19). This might feature one of our favorite couples, Paris, and hot air ballon....

From Cassie's post here:

Happy birthday Magnus! It's your day and Jace had given you a duck again. At least you have your gorgeous family to make up for it! And now: a snippet from TEC Book One: ​ 

"Uh,” said Alec. “Can you fly a hot air balloon?” “Of course!” Magnus declared. “Did I ever tell you about the time I stole a hot air balloon to rescue the Queen of France?"
​Alec grinned as if Magnus was making a joke, but Marie-Antoinette had actually been quite a handful.
“It’s just,” Alec said thoughtfully, “I’ve seen you try to work your own DVR, and it wasn't pretty." He stood to admire the balloon, which was entirely glamored. As far as the humans sitting on the Eiffel Tower were concerned, Alec was solemnly regarding the open air.

“I’m hardly going to crash the balloon into a chimney,” Magnus protested. “I’m considering how to protect you if we crash the balloon into a chimney.”​
As he moved past Magnus, Alec stopped and pushed a wayward lock of hair off Magnus’s brow. His touch was light, tender but casual, as if Alec did not even really realize he was doing it. Magnus had not even realized his own hair was in his eyes.​
​Magnus ducked his head and smiled. The idea of being protected was strange to him, but he felt like he could get used to it.
He used his chair as a step and climbed onto the swaying platform. The moment he planted both feet on the floor, it felt as if he were standing on solid ground. He offered his hand. "Trust me."
​Alec hesitated, then accepted Magnus’s hand. His grip was strong, and his smile sweet. “I do.”
He followed Magnus, vaulting lightly over the railing onto the platform. They sat down at the table, and the balloon, bouncing like a row boat on the choppy ocean, drifted away unseen from the Eiffel Tower. Seconds later, they were floating high above the skyline as the sprawl of Paris expanded in every direction as far as the eye could see.