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Friday, May 4, 2018

Exclusive Shadowhunter Army 'Queen of Air and Darkness' Excerpt #Shadowhunters #QoAAD

Happy Friday Shadowhunters! Have you joined the Shadowhunter Army yet? If not, I highly recommend you join. Head over here to sign up. One of the perks of being apart of the Shadowhunter Army is getting to read excerpts from Queen of Air and Darkness.

In yesterday's Shadowhunter Army newsletter, a brand new, never before shared excerpt was included. We teamed up with a few other Shadowhunter fansites to share the excerpt, which you can read below. Everything below is quoted from a portion of the SA newsletter, though I did highlight the note about the Lord of Shadows spoilers. 

The following intelligence has been labeled CLASSIFIED 

Queen of Air and Darkness doesn’t hit shelves until December 4, 2018, but our sources have turned up a new, never-before-seen excerpt

Read on for your first glimpse into the epic Dark Artifices finale (and if you haven’t gotten to Lord of Shadows yet, proceed  at your own risk, for here there be spoilers). 

In the reflection of the window glass, Kit saw the bedroom door open and Ty come in. He was still wearing his mourning clothes, though he’d taken off the jacket and was just in a black long-sleeve T-shirt. And Kit knew it was too late to run, that he cared about these people now, and specifically Ty. 

“I’m glad you’re here.” Ty sat down on the bed and started unlacing his shoes. “I wanted to talk to you.” 

The door was still slightly open and Kit could hear voices coming from the kitchen downstairs. Helen’s, Dru’s, Emma’s, Julian’s. Diana had gone back to her own house. Apparently she lived in a weapons store or something like that. She’d gone back to get some kind of tool she thought could fish the splinters out of Julian’s bleeding hands. 

Ty’s hands were fine, but he’d been wearing gloves. Kit had seen Julian’s when he’d gone to rinse them out at the sink, and they'd looked like shrapnel had blown into his palms. Emma had stood nearby looking worried, but Julian had said he didn’t want an iratze, that it would just heal the skin closed over the bits of wood. His voice had sounded so flat, Kit had barely recognized it. 

“I know how this is going to sound,” Kit said, turning so his back was against the cold glass. Ty was hunched over, and Kit caught the gleam of gold at his neck. “But you’re not acting the way I expected.” 

Ty kicked his boots off. “Because I climbed up the pyre?” 
“No, that was kind of actually the most expected thing you did,” said Kit. “I just...” 

“I did it to get this,” Ty said, and put his hand to his throat. Kit recognized the gold chain and the slim disk of metal attached to it: Livvy’s locket, the one he’d helped her put on before the Council meeting. He vividly remembered her holding her hair aside as he fastened the clasp, and the smell of her perfume. His stomach lurched. 

“Livvy’s necklace,” he said. “I mean, I guess that makes sense. I just thought you would...” 

“Cry?” Ty didn’t look angry, but the intensity in his gray eyes had deepened. He was still holding the pendant. “Everybody is supposed to cry. But that’s because they accept that Livvy is dead. But I don’t. I don’t accept it.” 


“I’m going to get her back,” said Ty.

Text copyright © 2018 by Cassandra Claire, LLC

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  1. Eee, I love getting these Army emails :D And this was such an awesome teaser. <3 Sigh. But also rude rude rude and heartbreaking too. Oh. This book shall break me, I'm sure.