Mundie Moms

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all of our mundie mamas a Happy Mother's Day! Being a mother is more than just giving birth. It's the role you play in a child's life & their upbringing. Motherhood encompasses a lot of roles and each who are a mother, and/or a mother figure, keep you your amazing work! You are doing a great job! To those who yearn to be a mother, to those who have lost a child, are aren't able to talk to your mother, or children today, we are thinking of you! 


  1. Hope our Mundiest of all mamas was spoiled rotten on Mother's Day and hope you had a quiet, stolen moment with a good book! Love you, Boo!

  2. A bit behind, ack, but happy belated mother's day lovely :D I hope you had an amazing day. <3 All the hugs.