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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Cover Reveal: A DEEPER LOVE by Cassandra Clare & Maureen Johnson / #GOTSM #Shadowhunters

In her newsletter yesterday, Cassie treated to fans to a lot of fabulous things. One of those is the cover reveal for A DEEPER LOVE, which she co-wrote with Maureen Johnson! Be still my Will fangirl heart. Oh this cover. WOW! This may be my favorite cover yet from Ghosts of the Shadow Market. I absolutely love seeing Tessa and Jem! Yes, I do adore Jem and Tessa, and I love this picture of the two of them at the top of this cover. 


By: Cassandra Clare & Maureen Johnson
To Be Released on: August 14th, 2018
Series: Ghosts of the Shadow Market #5
Pre-Order from: Amazon

It is only three years since Tessa Gray lost her beloved husband William Herondale, and she is searching for a reason to live, trying to find the path of being a warlock with the guidance of her friend Catarina Loss. World War II rains down destruction on their world, and Tessa and Catarina become nurses who make bargains at the Shadow Market for enchantments to help suffering mundanes. But can Brother Zachariah bear to see the woman he loves risk her life, or might he consider breaking sacred vows to save her from loneliness?

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  1. Well.. yes.. I do love this cover too. Sigh. It is so very beautiful. But I am NOT okay with it being Jem and Tessa, haha. Where is my Will cover? :( Heartbreak. Sigh. Still, beautiful :)