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Friday, November 30, 2018

. @CassieClare Shares 'Lady Midnight' Deleted Scene #LadyMidnight #Shadowhunters

Happy Friday Shadowhunters! Check out this deleted scene from Lady Midnight, Cassie shared in this week's edition of her newsletter. If you haven't yet, I highly recommend signing up for it. 

Deleted Scene from Lady Midnight

Here’s a fun little blast from the past—this is a deleted scene from Lady Midnight! Because the scene never made it into the final book, it hasn’t been fact-checked, and thus there may be some inconsistencies between it and the rest of TDA. Enjoy!
Emma discovered the sea caves when she was eleven years old. She’d been at the beach with her parents when she found them — great fingers of gray rock reaching into the ocean, and boring through them, like tunnels in the stone, were the caves. They were open to the ocean on both ends, and they smelled delightful, like sea water and wet rock and dark, secret things.

She was thirteen years old when she and Julian declared the sea caves their official meeting place. If anything ever happened at or to the Institute — and they both had nightmares about it, ever since the attack during the Dark War — they would meet at the caves.

She was fourteen years old when she first showed the sea caves to Cameron Ashdown.

The Ashdowns had come to Los Angeles after the Dark War, easily situating themselves among the small Conclave of Shadowhunters who lived in the city. Although all Conclaves were small now, since the deaths in the war. The Clave was doing everything it could to track down every wayward mundane who might have a drop of Nephilim blood, even if their family had left the Shadowhunters generations ago. Still, it would be decades before they were the strength they once had been.

Cameron, his parents, and his younger sister, Paige, moved into a house in Santa Monica and, as soon as they could, arranged to visit the Institute to decide if Paige and Cameron were going to have lessons with the Blackthorns or hire their own tutor.

Diana was there to greet them and show them the training rooms, the library, and the classroom. Emma was in the training room, practicing fencing with Livvy. She was taller and stronger than Livvy, but Livvy was lightning-fast on her feet, which gave her the advantage with a saber. Ty and Julian were watching: Ty was cheering for Livvy, and Jules for Emma, as if it were a real match.

The door opened, and Cameron and his sister came in with Diana.

Emma stopped in her tracks, which allowed Livvy to score with the side of her blade across Emma’s shoulder. “Emma!” she complained. “You’re not paying attention.”

But Emma was already pushing her mask back, letting her hair spill down. Cameron Ashdown might have grown up in Idris, but he looked like the perfect California boy, with fiery red hair, tanned skin, broad shoulders, and hazel eyes. His nose looked as if it had been broken before, but it lent his face a charming asymmetry.

His sister Paige was a small copy of him, with short red hair and a pointed chin. She regarded Emma with dislike, perhaps because Emma was staring at her brother.

Emma had been thinking lately, rather scientifically, about the fact that she was fourteen years old and hadn’t kissed anyone yet. Nor, she thought, growing up in the Blackthorn house, was it likely. They rarely saw other children their age; the Conclave simply wasn’t that big, and now that the Academy in Idris had re-opened, most younger Shadowhunters were being trained there.

She thought of Julian, the way that when he smiled at her, he seemed to put his whole self into the smile. The way it lit up the room and made her heart catch. Cameron Ashdown was looking at her curiously as Diana made the introductions; Livvy was tugging off her helmet. Lowering her blade, Emma smiled at Cameron, putting all of herself into it.

When he smiled back, he looked dazzled.

Later, after the Ashdowns had gone, Ty said, “I didn’t like them.”

Julian ruffled his hair. Instead of saying what Emma had expected — something about how Ty had to give them a chance — he said, “I didn’t like them either.”

“Why not?” she asked, curious.

He shrugged. “I just didn’t.”

“Well, too bad,” said Diana. “You kids need to spend time with some people who aren’t Blackthorns.” She eyed Emma. “Or Carstairs.”

The Ashdowns came back, the next weekend, and the next weekend after that. It was the summer, and the group spent their time at the beach, getting sunburned, swimming in the water — all except Emma — and building sandcastles with the younger children. Ty built meticulous sandcastles, carefully sculpted, while Livvy’s were shapeless and towering, collapsing under their own weight as they climbed toward the sky. They buried Tavvy in sand, and Drusilla sat cross-legged and lost in a book — Paige was nearly the same age as her, but the girls ignored each other.

Later, Emma thought that should have been a warning to her. Later she blamed herself for everything.

She was fourteen when she brought Cameron to see the caves. He had been teasing her about never going into the water; she laughed, but didn’t tell him why. Instead she drew him away from the group and brought him into her favorite of the caves: not the biggest, but the longest and most winding. It was possible to find a bend in the tunnel where the ocean couldn’t be seen from either side.

She drew Cameron in after her and faced him, her heart pounding. She studied the hazel color of his eyes in the shadows, their mixture of blue and brown and green. She held out her hands, not knowing how to be anything but direct. “Do you want to kiss me?” she said.

He swallowed hard and nodded. He was shaking as he pulled her toward him and kissed her gently, her head tipping back, her hands finding purchase on his shoulders. She stroked his arms, lightly, timidly; his mouth was warm and soft, and he tasted like strawberry ice cream.

Kissing was everything she’d hoped it would be. It was like a good kind of drowning, filling her ears and eyes with forgetfulness, blocking out the crashing sound of the waves against the shore. Cameron’s touch became more urgent, sliding up from her waist, and she leaned harder against him, and that was when she heard someone scream.

It sounded like a scream of anger rather than pain or fear, but Emma had heard screams at a distance before and she tore away from Cameron without a thought and burst into a run. He followed her. When they reached the beach where they’d left the others, they both stared: Ty was sitting on the sand, and Julian was holding Paige by the collar of her t-shirt, his face white with rage.

Later, Emma found out what had happened. Livvy and Dru had gone to collect seashells; Julian was sketching up by the dunes, and Ty had been making a sandcastle with Paige half-heartedly helping him.

He’d picked up a piece of sea glass and become fascinated with it. Ty became fascinated with things sometimes: the way an ink blot spread across a page, or the way dye feathered into water. He would sit and look at them, lost in contemplation. If he was especially distracted, it would take a gentle hand on his shoulder, or his name spoken softly, to rouse him.

But Paige had done neither of those things. When she’d asked him what he was doing and he hadn’t reacted, she’d thrown a handful of sand into his face. Ty had come back to himself choking and blinded and gasping. He’d started rocking, his hands fluttering, his butterflies frantic.

“Freak,” Paige had snapped. “Stop doing that, you freak.”

And then Julian had been there, hauling Paige bodily to her feet. As Emma ran up, Cameron beside her, they heard him hiss.

“If you ever,” he said, “ever, call my brother names again, I’ll kill you. I don’t care if you’re a girl. I’ll kill you.”

“Stop it! Stop!” Cameron darted ahead of Emma and yanked his sister away from Julian; she promptly started crying. Julian looked at him in a daze. In the distance, Emma could see Livvy and Dru running toward them across the sand.

“Get her away,” he said. “Both of you get away, and don’t come back.”

Cameron turned to Emma, his face open, puzzled. “We could talk about this,” he said. “We — we should talk about this.”

Emma looked from him, to Julian, who was crouching down by Ty now, saying his name, softly, his voice full of love and panic. And she turned to Cameron, who was holding his red-faced sister and looking at her with a look that said that he expected her to take his side. That their kiss in the caves had been a signal that her allegiance had changed. That she would be loyal to him now, and not Julian.

“Go away,” she said. “Like Julian said. And don’t ever bring her back.”

A few weeks later, she and Julian left for Idris, for their parabatai ceremony. When they came back, Paige had been sent to the Academy. A month after that, Emma began dating Cameron for the first time.

New 'Shadowhunters & Fairytales' Image from @cassieclare + #QoAaD Tour Dates & Locations #Shadowhunters

Shadowhunter fans, did you see the newest edition of Cassie's newsletter? Along with a deleted scene from Lady Midnight, Cassie shared this 'White Cat' fairytale in honor of Holly Black's birthday. And if that wasn't exciting enough, Cassie & Holly are hitting the road together! 

Here's what Cassie shared:

I’ll be touring for Queen of Air and Darkness starting on Tuesday, and one of the best things about going on tour is meeting readers! If you’re someone I chat with online or someone who subscribes to my newsletter, let me know when you see me in the line and we can have a nerdy conversation!

When I get back from the QuAD US tour, I’ll be heading out again in February 2019. I’ll be hitting the road with my best friend Holly Black for our King and Queen tour—she’ll be on tour for The Wicked King, and I’ll be on tour for Queen of Air and Darkness. We’ll be tearing it up in the UK, Ireland, Dubai, and the Philippines! 

In honor of Holly’s November birthday, here’s one of her favorite fairy tales, White Cat, brought to life with Maia and Bat by Cassandra Jean!

Cassie's Upcoming Appearances

Tuesday, December 4th • New York, NY

Barnes & Noble Union Square at 6:00 p.m.
33 E 17th St., New York, NY 10003
This is a wrist-banded event. A wristband will be issued on a first come, first served basis to customers who purchase Queen of Air and Darkness from Barnes & Noble Union Square beginning December 4th at 9 AM.

Thursday, December 6th • Raleigh, NC

Jones Auditorium at Meredith College with Quail Ridge Books & Music at 7:00 p.m.
3800 Hillsborough St., Raleigh, NC 27607
Moderated by Carrie Ryan.
This is a ticketed event. Purchase a ticket here.

Friday, December 7th • Coral Gables, FL

Coral Gables Congressional Church with Books & Books at 7:00 p.m.
3010 De Soto Blvd., Coral Gables, FL 33134
Moderated by Ursula Uriarte.
This is a ticketed event. Purchase a ticket here.

Saturday, December 8th • Denver, CO

Trinity United Methodist Church with Tattered Cover at 7:00 p.m.
1820 Broadway, Denver, CO 80202
Moderated by Paolo Bacigalupi.
This is a ticketed event. Purchase a ticket here.

Monday, December 10th • Phoenix, AZ

Madison Center for the Arts with The Poisoned Pen at 7:00 p.m.
In conversation with Diana Gabaldon.
This is a ticketed event. Purchase a ticket here.

Wednesday, December 12th • Los Angeles, CA

Barnes & Noble The Grove at 7:00 p.m.
189 The Grove Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90036
Moderated by Leigh Bardugo.
This is a wrist-banded event. A wristband will be issued on a first come, first served basis to customers who purchase Queen of Air and Darkness from Barnes & Noble in The Grove beginning December 12th at 10am.

Thursday, December 13th • Portland, OR

Happy Valley Middle School with Barnes & Noble
Clackamas Town Center at 7:00 p.m.

13865 SE King Rd., Happy Valley, OR 97086
Moderated by Laini Taylor.
This is a ticketed event. Purchase a ticket here.

Saturday, December 15th • Vancouver, BC, Canada

Indigo – Robson at 3:00 p.m.
1033 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1A9, Canada
Moderated by Nicki Pau Preto.
400 wristbands will be given out with book purchase on the day of the event.

Wednesday, December 19th • Brookline, MA

Coolidge Corner Theater with Brookline Booksmith at 6:00 p.m.
290 Harvard St., Brookline, MA 02446
Moderated by Michelle Hodkin and Malinda Lo.
This is a ticketed event. Purchase a ticket here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

OUT TODAY! 11/27/18 New YA Releases

Happy Book Birthday to today's newest YA Releases. Here's what you'll find out on bookstore shelves today! 

  • OUTRUN THE WIND by Elizabeth Tammi, Flux 
  • AMBER & DUSK by Lyra Selene, Scholastic
  • RUNEBREAKER by Alex R. Kahler, Harlequin Teen 

  • Which new releases are you looking forward to picking up? 
    If you don't see a new YA releases on this list, please let me know, and I'll add it to the list. 

    Monday, November 26, 2018

    Catching Up With @CassieClare's Newest QoAAD Snippets #Shadowhunters #QOAAD

    Happy Mundane Monday Shadowhunters. We're down to the final countdown to the release of Queen of Air and Darkness! I can not wait. Just in case you missed them, here are this past week's QOAAD snippets, starting with today, and going back to last Monday. Don't forget, you can always catch the newest snippets by following Cassie on social media. She shares these on Twitter, Tumblr, and Intagram.


    queen of air and darkness snippet: evil POV
    “The Blackthorns and that Emma wouldn’t dare say anything against us anyway,” said Zara. “We still hold their secret in the palms of our hands.” She touched Cortana’s hilt. “Besides, nothing of theirs will be theirs for much longer, not even the Institute.”
    Zara was also a true believer, Manuel thought with some distaste. She was a stick and a bore and he had never believed Diego Rocio Rosales actually saw anything in her; on balance, he seemed to have turned out to be right. He suspected Diego had been punished as much for rejecting Zara as for helping some idiot faerie.

    Sunday Queen snippet! ONLY NINE DAYS!
    Adaon leaned his big hands on the back of a chair. “Why did you come here?” he said. “Why did you bring me this news?” He shook his head. “It is possible my father will spare him. He is well liked by the people.”
    “You know your father will kill him for just that reason,” said Cristina. Her voice shook. “Before the Hunt no one in Kieran’s life ever loved or cared for him at all, save you. Are you really going to abandon him now?”

    saturday queen of air and darkness snippet
    Diana sank back in her seat. Whatever had happened, she knew it was no fault of Kieran’s or the others’, but she could feel the mood of the crowd: stark horror. No one would want to hear a defense of them now. 
    “My God, what’s he going to do?” she whispered, half to herself. “What’s Horace going to do to Diego and the others?”

    queen of air and darkness snippet
    Dru wrinkled up her nose. “I have to be the bad guy?” 
    “Come on,” said Kit. “You’ll get to boss us around. Don’t tell me you won’t enjoy it a little bit.” 
    She grinned. “Yeah, probably. Okay, deal. I’ll see you there.” 
    Kit turned to unlock the door and let himself out. Then paused. Without looking at Dru, he said, “I’ve spent my whole life lying and tricking people. So why is it so hard for me to lie to this one person? To Ty?”

    Today’s snippet is art … Emma fights her way through thorns in Queen of Air and Darkness. One of Alice Duke’s original illustrations for the first edition. Emma looking like a badass! ❤️

    QoaaD snippet for today!
    Julian took a swig from the bottle. “I felt like I was being torn apart inside,” he said matter-of-factly. “To stand there and say those things about Livvy—to call that bastard monster ‘sir’—to keep from ripping Annabel limb from limb—” 
    “Do it now, then,” said a voice from the shadows. “Rip me apart, if you can.” 

    Monday queen of air and darkness snippet
    “Oh, very well,” said the Queen, and in her eyes Emma saw an odd light of eagerness. Perhaps she was more desperate for the book than Emma had thought? “As a sign of my good faith, I will give you part of what I promised. I will tell you, Julian, how certain bonds might be broken. But I will not tell her.” She gestured at Emma. “That was not part of the bargain.”

    Wednesday, November 21, 2018

    Catch @CassieClare on Tour for 'Queen of Air and Darkness' #QOAAD #Shadowhunters

    2 weeks from TODAY!!! We can not wait for Queen of Air and Darkness to be released! Check out where you can see Cassie and a few of her friends! Each stop features some special guests. Be sure to contact each hosting book store for specific information about each stop.

    Here's what Cassie recently shared:

    Updated tour schedule now with ALL MY AWESOME GUEST STARS including Leigh Bardugo, Diana Gabaldon and Laini Taylor! It is going to be AWESOMESAUCE, and you can expect some truly cool stuff like a copy of RED SCROLLS OF MAGIC being given out on every location, the reveal of the cover of CHAIN OF GOLD (more details to come) sneak peeks, exclusive news and more! ❤️ 🎉 Go to to grab tickets (there are only a few left!) 
    (stops in the UK, Dubai and more to come!)

    Tuesday, November 20, 2018

    OUT TODAY! 11/20/18 New YA Releases

    Happy Book Birthday to today's newest YA releases. Here's what is out on bookstore shelves now:

    Which new releases will you be picking up today?

    . @CassieClare Shares QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS Playlist #QOAAD #Shadowhunters

    TWO MORE WEEKS! I can not wait! Did you see that Cassie shared her playlist for Queen of Air and Darkness yesterday on TMI Source? We love her playlists. From TMI Source's post here, check out the playlist below:

    13 Beaches“, Lana del Rey

    “It took thirteen beaches to find one empty
    But finally I’m fine
    Past Ventura
    And lenses plenty
    In the white sunshine”

    Much about this song captures the feeling of being young and in California, searching for an empty beach along the PCH coastline where the Institute is located, about driving and driving, like Jules and Emma, like Emma and Cristina…

    Addict”, Cairo

    “Walking down that aisle
    I see you in white
    Although I turn my eyes from you
    I’m filled with fright
    My love for you is eating me from the inside out”

    For a Shadowhunter to see someone in white is very different than for a mundane! And clearly would be frightening. The mention of love eating someone from the inside out could apply to so many couples in TDA.

    The Scientist”, Coldplay

    “I was just guessing at numbers and figures
    Pulling your puzzles apart
    Questions of science, science and progress
    Do not speak as loud as my heart
    Tell me you love me
    Come back and haunt me”

     I know, this song is OLD! But the lyrics about loving someone so much you wish they’d come back and haunt you after they die made me think of Ty and Livvy. There are many types of powerful love that aren’t romantic.

    Ends of the Earth“, Lord Huron

    “To the ends of the earth, would you follow me
    There’s a world that was meant for our eyes to see
    To the ends of the earth, would you follow me
    If you will have a say my goodbyes to me”

    I think at the end of the day, Queen really asks the question, “What would you do for the people you love? How far would you go?”

    Brother“, Rural Alberta Advantage

    “Brother, my brother
    You’ve got to hold yourself together
    Night, all night
    I’ll be running out forever
    No we’ll live and die
    Far, far away from any eyes
    Oh, now the darkness comes alive
    Now the darkness comes for me
    And it comes for you”

    There are so many strong sibling pairs this could work for in Queen, but it makes me think of Jaime and Diego.

    I Always Knew”, The Vaccines

    “‘Cause it’s you, I always, always knew
    Oh, I always knew, oh, it’s you
    I try my best to unwind
    Nothing on my mind but you
    Oblivious to all that I’ll owe
    I’m hanging on to what I don’t know
    So let’s go to bed before you say something real
    Let’s go to bed before you say how you feel”

    Definitely Mark, Kieran and Cristina, three people who have a hard time expressing what they really want.

    We Fight“, Dashboard Confessional

    “‘Cause we never learned to keep our voices down, no
    We only learned to shout
    So we fight our way in (we fight our way in)
    And we fight our way out
    We earned what we could from the ground up
    And tried to lift the whole damn crowd up
    So we fight our way in (we fight our way in)
    And we fight our way out”

    A song for Livia’s Watch, maybe!

    City of Angels”, The Head and the Heart

    “In the city of angels
    The city of angels
    Tell me one thing
    Just tell me what you see
    ‘Cause I have everything I want
    I have everything I need
    Right in front of me
    Yeah, she’s right in front of me
    Yeah I know just where my heart should be”

    Emma and Julian and Los Angeles — the three are always paired up in my mind. The waves and the sand and the oleander trees are part of them.

    Keep Your Head Up“, Ben Howard

    “Oh yeah, keep your head up, keep your heart strong
    No, no, no, no, keep your mind set, keep your hair long
    Oh my, my darlin’, keep your head up, keep your heart strong
    No, no, no, no, keep your mind set in your ways
    Well keep your heart strong
    ‘Cause I’ll always remember you the same
    Oh eyes like wildflowers, oh with your demons of change”

    It’s for Ty and Kit, the idea of trying to support someone else and keep them strong.

    The Same Mistakes”, The Echo-Friendly

    “I make the same mistakes
    Feels like I never learn
    Always give way too much
    For little in return

    I never did grow up
    Feels like I never will
    My friends are all adults
    I’m still a teenage girl”

    This song isn’t literally about being a teenage girl, but it fits Dru well anyway, since she tends to blame herself and she does often think about being the youngest in a group of “adults” — where the “adults” are still teenagers.

    Someone to You”, Banners

    “And if the sun’s upset and the sky goes cold
    Then if the clouds get heavy and start to fall
    I really need somebody to call my own
    I wanna be somebody to someone
    Someone to you
    The kingdom come, the rise, the fall
    The setting sun above it all
    I just wanna be somebody to you”

    Beggar in the Morning”, Barr Brothers

    “I think I’ve come a long, long way 
    To sit before you here today
     And they’re yours alone, the songs I play
     To take with you what I throw away 
    Oh, I want an angel to wipe my tears 
    Know my dreams, my hopes, desires, and fears 
    We may capsize, but we won’t drown 
    Hold each other as the sun goes down”

    Both these songs make me think about how we often just want human companionship from someone who understands is in the most stressful moments. Just to have someone there to take our hand as it all falls apart. This could apply to Gwyn and Diana, Magnus and Alec, Clary and Jace…

    Hello My Old Heart”, The Oh Hellos

    “Oh, oh, don’t leave me here alone
    Don’t tell me that we’ve grown
    For having loved a little while
    Oh, oh, I don’t wanna be alone
    I wanna find a home
    And I wanna share it with you”

    For reasons that will become apparent this makes me think of Kieran, Mark and Cristina.

    Believer”, Imagine Dragons

    “Last things last
    By the grace of the fire and the flames
    You’re the face of the future, the blood in my veins, oh ooh
    The blood in my veins 
    But they never did, ever lived, ebbing and flowing
    Inhibited, limited
    ‘Til it broke up and it rained down
    It rained down, like ashes
    You made me a, you made me a believer.”

    Lots of stuff here about love and burning, about forces beyond our control, but I believe ultimately it’s a song about finding meaning in pain. Makes me think of Emma and Jules.

    Painkiller”, Dreamers

    Backed out by the city glow
    And the sun’s not coming yet
    No way I’m coming clean
    Of the demon in my bed
    And it was nice to meet ya’
    You were the fever
    Driving alone in your black car
    Hardly breathing
    Down on my knees
    And sinking alone till I see dark

    I listened to this a lot while writing the second section of the book, Thule.

    The Mtn Song”[, RayLand Baxter]

    “So here I stand in front of you to say
    Yeah, you’re the only one I want
    But love is all I have to give

    But if I could give you everything I would
    All the mountains and the oceans and the seas
    But all I have is love to give
    Won’t you tell me you’re the one for me?”

    I think this applies to so many couples — Aline and Helen, Magnus and Alec Jace and Clary, Emma and Jules — who at some point come to the realization that what you have to offer the person you love is that love, and it’s enough.

    Like Lions”, Blind Pilot

    “It is coming down the mountain, fear that holds you like the cold 
    It wants to settle in your footprints, keep you still from where you’re going
    All you think you know of losing, all you doubt of innocence 
    That big sky still hangs above you, every day just want to quit
    There’s no light you see to guide you and it scares you just to say
    And then we are like lions, nothing dares get in our way
    See your faithless sails drifting and your truth just cut apart
    And then we are like lions, we are golden in our hearts”

    A lot in Queen is about standing up to be brave even when you’re afraid, so this could apply to so many characters.