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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

. @CassieClare Shares QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS Playlist #QOAAD #Shadowhunters

TWO MORE WEEKS! I can not wait! Did you see that Cassie shared her playlist for Queen of Air and Darkness yesterday on TMI Source? We love her playlists. From TMI Source's post here, check out the playlist below:

13 Beaches“, Lana del Rey

“It took thirteen beaches to find one empty
But finally I’m fine
Past Ventura
And lenses plenty
In the white sunshine”

Much about this song captures the feeling of being young and in California, searching for an empty beach along the PCH coastline where the Institute is located, about driving and driving, like Jules and Emma, like Emma and Cristina…

Addict”, Cairo

“Walking down that aisle
I see you in white
Although I turn my eyes from you
I’m filled with fright
My love for you is eating me from the inside out”

For a Shadowhunter to see someone in white is very different than for a mundane! And clearly would be frightening. The mention of love eating someone from the inside out could apply to so many couples in TDA.

The Scientist”, Coldplay

“I was just guessing at numbers and figures
Pulling your puzzles apart
Questions of science, science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart
Tell me you love me
Come back and haunt me”

 I know, this song is OLD! But the lyrics about loving someone so much you wish they’d come back and haunt you after they die made me think of Ty and Livvy. There are many types of powerful love that aren’t romantic.

Ends of the Earth“, Lord Huron

“To the ends of the earth, would you follow me
There’s a world that was meant for our eyes to see
To the ends of the earth, would you follow me
If you will have a say my goodbyes to me”

I think at the end of the day, Queen really asks the question, “What would you do for the people you love? How far would you go?”

Brother“, Rural Alberta Advantage

“Brother, my brother
You’ve got to hold yourself together
Night, all night
I’ll be running out forever
No we’ll live and die
Far, far away from any eyes
Oh, now the darkness comes alive
Now the darkness comes for me
And it comes for you”

There are so many strong sibling pairs this could work for in Queen, but it makes me think of Jaime and Diego.

I Always Knew”, The Vaccines

“‘Cause it’s you, I always, always knew
Oh, I always knew, oh, it’s you
I try my best to unwind
Nothing on my mind but you
Oblivious to all that I’ll owe
I’m hanging on to what I don’t know
So let’s go to bed before you say something real
Let’s go to bed before you say how you feel”

Definitely Mark, Kieran and Cristina, three people who have a hard time expressing what they really want.

We Fight“, Dashboard Confessional

“‘Cause we never learned to keep our voices down, no
We only learned to shout
So we fight our way in (we fight our way in)
And we fight our way out
We earned what we could from the ground up
And tried to lift the whole damn crowd up
So we fight our way in (we fight our way in)
And we fight our way out”

A song for Livia’s Watch, maybe!

City of Angels”, The Head and the Heart

“In the city of angels
The city of angels
Tell me one thing
Just tell me what you see
‘Cause I have everything I want
I have everything I need
Right in front of me
Yeah, she’s right in front of me
Yeah I know just where my heart should be”

Emma and Julian and Los Angeles — the three are always paired up in my mind. The waves and the sand and the oleander trees are part of them.

Keep Your Head Up“, Ben Howard

“Oh yeah, keep your head up, keep your heart strong
No, no, no, no, keep your mind set, keep your hair long
Oh my, my darlin’, keep your head up, keep your heart strong
No, no, no, no, keep your mind set in your ways
Well keep your heart strong
‘Cause I’ll always remember you the same
Oh eyes like wildflowers, oh with your demons of change”

It’s for Ty and Kit, the idea of trying to support someone else and keep them strong.

The Same Mistakes”, The Echo-Friendly

“I make the same mistakes
Feels like I never learn
Always give way too much
For little in return

I never did grow up
Feels like I never will
My friends are all adults
I’m still a teenage girl”

This song isn’t literally about being a teenage girl, but it fits Dru well anyway, since she tends to blame herself and she does often think about being the youngest in a group of “adults” — where the “adults” are still teenagers.

Someone to You”, Banners

“And if the sun’s upset and the sky goes cold
Then if the clouds get heavy and start to fall
I really need somebody to call my own
I wanna be somebody to someone
Someone to you
The kingdom come, the rise, the fall
The setting sun above it all
I just wanna be somebody to you”

Beggar in the Morning”, Barr Brothers

“I think I’ve come a long, long way 
To sit before you here today
 And they’re yours alone, the songs I play
 To take with you what I throw away 
Oh, I want an angel to wipe my tears 
Know my dreams, my hopes, desires, and fears 
We may capsize, but we won’t drown 
Hold each other as the sun goes down”

Both these songs make me think about how we often just want human companionship from someone who understands is in the most stressful moments. Just to have someone there to take our hand as it all falls apart. This could apply to Gwyn and Diana, Magnus and Alec, Clary and Jace…

Hello My Old Heart”, The Oh Hellos

“Oh, oh, don’t leave me here alone
Don’t tell me that we’ve grown
For having loved a little while
Oh, oh, I don’t wanna be alone
I wanna find a home
And I wanna share it with you”

For reasons that will become apparent this makes me think of Kieran, Mark and Cristina.

Believer”, Imagine Dragons

“Last things last
By the grace of the fire and the flames
You’re the face of the future, the blood in my veins, oh ooh
The blood in my veins 
But they never did, ever lived, ebbing and flowing
Inhibited, limited
‘Til it broke up and it rained down
It rained down, like ashes
You made me a, you made me a believer.”

Lots of stuff here about love and burning, about forces beyond our control, but I believe ultimately it’s a song about finding meaning in pain. Makes me think of Emma and Jules.

Painkiller”, Dreamers

Backed out by the city glow
And the sun’s not coming yet
No way I’m coming clean
Of the demon in my bed
And it was nice to meet ya’
You were the fever
Driving alone in your black car
Hardly breathing
Down on my knees
And sinking alone till I see dark

I listened to this a lot while writing the second section of the book, Thule.

The Mtn Song”[, RayLand Baxter]

“So here I stand in front of you to say
Yeah, you’re the only one I want
But love is all I have to give

But if I could give you everything I would
All the mountains and the oceans and the seas
But all I have is love to give
Won’t you tell me you’re the one for me?”

I think this applies to so many couples — Aline and Helen, Magnus and Alec Jace and Clary, Emma and Jules — who at some point come to the realization that what you have to offer the person you love is that love, and it’s enough.

Like Lions”, Blind Pilot

“It is coming down the mountain, fear that holds you like the cold 
It wants to settle in your footprints, keep you still from where you’re going
All you think you know of losing, all you doubt of innocence 
That big sky still hangs above you, every day just want to quit
There’s no light you see to guide you and it scares you just to say
And then we are like lions, nothing dares get in our way
See your faithless sails drifting and your truth just cut apart
And then we are like lions, we are golden in our hearts”

A lot in Queen is about standing up to be brave even when you’re afraid, so this could apply to so many characters. 

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