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Monday, August 27, 2018

. @CassieClare Shares New 'QOAAD' Snippet / #MundaneMonday #QOAAD #Shadowhunters

Happy Mundane Monday Shadowhunter fans. Yesterday marked 100 days until the release of Queen of Air And Darkness! We can not wait. In celebration of the 100 days, here is what Cassie shared yesterday on social media:

#100daysuntilqoaad 100 days before I get to share Queen of Air and Darkness with you! I can’t wait. Have a little snippet to celebrate: “I’m here on my own account,” Magnus said, in a low and distant voice. “I need your help. There is absolutely no one else that I can ask.” “That’s not what I …” Julian pushed sopping-wet hair out of his eyes, his voice trailing off in realization. “You’re remembering someone.”

Who do you think Magnus is remembering? My first guess is Will. Now I'm really curious about this entire scene, and who Magnus is remembering.