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Thursday, November 8, 2018

EW Shares Exclusive 'Queen of Air and Darkness' Excerpt @CassieClare #QUAAD #Shadowhunters

Did you see yesterday's exclusive Queen of Air and Darkness excerpt EW shared? It is SO GOOD! It's not a little excerpt either. There is a lot that is shared. Here's what Cassie shared about it:

Today’s Queen of Air and Darkness snippet is more of a SUBSTANTIAL EXCERPT. Check it out over at Entertainment Weekly: Cristina spies on the doings of the evil Cohort…
Julian glanced toward the steps, as if he couldn’t imagine the effort it would take to climb them. “Robert was going to help us,” he said. “Emma and me. You know about us, I know that you do, that you know how we feel.”
Cristina hesitated, stunned. She’d never thought Julian would mention any of this to her. “Maybe the next Inquisitor—”
“I passed through the Gard on my way back,” Julian said. “They’re already meeting. Most of the Cohort and half the Council. Talking about who’s going to be the next Inquisitor. I doubt it’s going to be someone who will help us. Not after today. I should care,” he said. “But right now I don’t.”

You can read the entire except via EW's article here. Trust me, you'll want to read it! Be warned, this excerpt will leaving you wanting the book even more. 

Queen of Air and Darkness: A Snippet A Day from @CassieClare #Shadowhunters #QUAAD

We can not wait for Cassie's QUEEN OF OF AIR AND DARKNESS to be released! If you missed her announcement, she is sharing a snippet a day from the book, until the book is released. You can read her snippets here on Tumblr. She is also sharing some on Instagram. I shared the first snippet here, and her are the other snippets she has shared:

A snippet a day until Queen comes out December 4!
“What are you doing out and about without your shadow?” 
“Ty’s not my shadow,” said Kit crossly.
“My apologies. I suppose you’re his.” Shade’s eyes were solemn.“Have you come to tell me of the progress you’ve made in your foolish plan to raise his sister from the dead?”

"What are you dong out and about without show shadow?" Shade asked.
"Ty's not my shadow," said Kit crossly.
"My apologies. I suppose you're his." Shade's eyes were solemn. "Have you come to tell me of this progress you've made in your foolish plan to raise his sister from the dead?"