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Monday, November 19, 2018

Catching Up With @CassieClare's Newest #QOADD Snippets #Shadowhunters #MundaneMonday

Happy Mundane Monday Shadowhunters! It's been a crazy week. Have you stayed caught up with all of the latest Queen of Air & Darkness snippets Cassie has been posting? Just in case you missed any of her most recent snippets, here is what she's shared over the last week. Below is the oldest to the newest snippets.

*   *   *   *   * 

Jaime breathed against him, low irregular breaths; his eyes were closed. Some of Diego’s earliest memories were of holding his brother. When he was six and Jaime was three, he had carried him everywhere. He’d been afraid that otherwise Jaime, toddling around on his short little legs, would miss out on all the things in the world Diego wanted him to see.


It was her, the strange human girl he’d once seen in the Unseelie weapons room. Dark hair, eyes the color of the sky. A murder of crows circled behind her. Not a photograph, but a drawing, done with a wistful hand, a sense of love and longing emanating from the page. A name was scribbled in a corner: Drusilla Blackthorn.

“And I want to with you,” Mark said, his eyes softening. “But do you have the rune?"

The rune.

The birth control rune. Cristina had never put it on; she’d never thought she was that close to needing it. “Oh, no,” she said. “My stele is down in the Institute.”

“Mine as well,” he said. Cristina almost giggled at the disappointed look on his face. “Still,” he said, brightening. “There is much else I can do to make you feel good. Allow me?” 

“Kier,” Mark said, and he saw Kieran shiver at the use of the old nickname. “Today you stood up and offered all your powers as a prince and faerie to save my family. How can you not know how I feel?”
Kieran was staring at his own hand, where it hovered at the edge of Mark’s shirt collar… Mark’s arms hooked around Kieran’s neck, drawing him down into a kiss.

“Annabel,” said the King. “Ash. I have had this day some interesting tidings.”

“Oh, very well,” said the Queen, and in her eyes Emma saw an odd light of eagerness. Perhaps she was more desperate for the book than Emma had thought? “As a sign of my good faith, I will give you part of what I promised. I will tell you, Julian, how certain bonds might be broken. But I will not tell her.” She gestured at Emma. “That was not part of the bargain.”