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Saturday, August 29, 2020

MIDNIGHT SUN + Signed Book Plates GIVEAWAY! #MidnightSun

Happy Saturday! It's been awhile since I've jumped on the blog. I have kinda missed blogging, and really miss engaging with everyone on here. Despite not being as active as I'd like to on here, I am actively posting book reviews and bookish posts on Instagram, and Facebook. If you don't already follow us there, you may want to starting today, because we have an awesome giveaway happening there today! Please see the information below from Instagram and Facebook (where the giveaways are taking place at). 

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It’s the weekend! We made it. What do you do to unwind? I love to read.

Have you read MIDNIGHT SUN yet? I read it as soon as my preorder arrived. It was definitely worth the years we waited. 

It’s time for an awesome GIVEAWAY!!!! 
Thank you to @ficklefishfilms & @thenovl, I was sent 2 copies of Midnight Sun & 2 signed book plates to giveaway! *Each copy of the book will come with a signed book plate. 

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Friday, August 21, 2020

SANCTUM by Hannah McBride | Book Blitz + Excerpt #Sanctum

Happy Friday! I am so thrilled to feature a brand new release, out TODAY! Not only did I enjoy this book, I am so excited to be able to feature a long time friend of mine that I have known for years through blogging. Hannah McBride I am so proud of you, and how cool is it that I get to feature YOUR BOOK on my blog!?!? Seriously, this is one release day blitz I couldn't say no to. 

If you enjoy a good paranormal read with one tough heroine, friendships, the real meaning of family, pick this one up. I will warn you though, this book is not for younger YA readers. It's targeted reading audience is 18 yrs & up. There are triggering topics in this book. I was impressed with how emotionally invested I got with these characters. They are true survivors. I am looking forward to reading this book's sequel. More about the book below: 


 A survivor on the run

After refusing the laws of her sadistic pack, Skye Markham barely escapes with her life, seeking sanctuary with the feared Blackwater pack. Hunted by her former Alpha and his soldiers, she’s determined to create a life even though she knows they will come for her.

An alpha with a pack to protect

As the next alpha in line, Remy Holt has spent years guarding the Blackwater pack and his family from those who seek to seize control and destroy them. The last thing he needs or wants is Skye Markham and the dangers she brings with her adding to the stress on his pack, but his wolf has a different opinion. He wants her, and after one moment that shouldn't have been possible, he knows he’ll never be able to let her go.

A bond unlike any other

Skye thought she was finally safe, but as her bond with Remy strengthens, the shifter world starts to break apart at the seams. Missing shifters, a dying population, and pack wars are all causing their sanctuary to crumble around them, and Skye is trapped in the middle of it all. Someone is out to destroy the pack and if they succeed, there will bring down everything Remy has sought to protect and for Skye… maybe there is no such thing as a sanctuary.

*SANCTUM is the first book in the Blackwater Pack series. Possible trigger warnings: abuse, violence, language, and bullying.

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He shifted towards me. "This is all new to me, too, Skye."

A sobering thought crossed my mind. The one that had been plaguing me since the woods. "Do you want this, Remy?"

The corner of his mouth hitched up for a second as he looked at me. Slowly, he raised a hand, tracing the curve of my jaw. I shivered, remembering the feel of his hands stroking when I was a wolf.

This was so much better.

He inched even closer. His breath, minty and warm, fanned over my face. His eyes tracked the movements of his fingers hungrily.

"Yeah," he answered roughly, thickly. "I want this. I want you." He dipped his head and covered my mouth with his.

As far as first kisses went, I was pretty sure this was one for the record books. 

Fire ignited in me the second Remy's lips touched mine, soft but demanding all at once. His hands settled on my hips, pulling me closer. The smell of him from earlier in the evening, pine and soap and something that was entirely Remy, filled my senses. 

I was going to combust in the most exquisite ways.

His large hands almost spanned my waist, his fingers flexing against the soft material of my yoga pants. His tongue teased the seam of my lips until I opened my mouth on a gasp, letting him in.

I groaned as his tongue stroked mine, one hand sliding from my waist up my spine.

My hands had been clenched into fists on his chest, the fabric of his t-shirt bunched in my grip. I relaxed my hold now, letting my hands slide over the hard muscle and up around his neck, pressing my chest flush against his.

Now Remy groaned, changing the angle of his head to deepen the kiss.

Flames licked through my blood, and I was sure I was going to combust any second.

I was one hundred percent okay with death by kissing.


Hannah McBride has been many things in her life - a restaurant manager, a clinical research coordinator, a dreamer, a makeup brand ambassador, an event coordinator, a blogger, and more. But at heart, she's always been a writer, and in 2020 she decided to make it official with her first release, SANCTUM. 


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