Mundie Moms

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

We're Back!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We're back! We've missed our blogs, sharing our love of books, and talking to you. Last year was definitely a very interesting year that required taking time away from some things to focus the more important real life ones.  That meant taking a little break from Mundie Moms and Mundie Kids. While we didn't post much on our blogs, we did so a little bit more on social media. We missed chatting with readers here on the blog, but loved keeping in contact with you on social media. We're looking forward to being back and jumping back into the book mix. We've definitely missed talking books. Can we just say we're really looking forward to a new year!

Thank you to ALL of you who didn't give up on us, who reached out to us, and kept in touch. We really appreciate it. We also appreciate the publishers who didn't give up on us either. We loved featuring your books on social media. While our reading time we almost nonexistent, the schools we work in loved the books that we donated to them.

Here's to a Happy New Year! Here's to a new, blank page filled with unlimited possibilities. Here's to strength for getting through the hard days. Here's to many happy moments, not being afraid to go after your dream, and empowering yourself to you know YOU.CAN.DO.IT! Whatever that 'it' may be. May this year be your year to do all the things you haven't done, and letting go of the things that hold you back. Here's finding new books, letting go of the ones that don't interest us, treasuring the friendships that we've made all because of a book. Here's to knowing it's okay to walk away from things and recharge, while focusing on the things that are much more important.

Here's to reading all the books we didn't get to last year, and so many new ones this year!