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Welcome to Mundie Moms, a YA book review site and Cassandra Clare fansite.

Please note Mundie Moms is strictly a YA book review site and we will ONLY review YA books. All of our Children's book reviews are posted on Mundie Kids Book Review Blog. We sometimes review New Adult & Adult books on our Grown Up Book Review site.

Review Requests: We are no longer reviewing unsolicited books, as our schedules are full with working in the schools, and maintaining our blogs. All unsolicited books are  donated to local schools in need of books. To request a YA review, please feel free to contact us with a review submission at adminmundimoms@gmail dot com

Book reviews are posted from books we have received from publishers, authors, have purchased ourselves, or checked out from the public library. We do not receive any form of payment or endorsements for our reviews. Each review posted on Mundie Moms is solely based on how we, the individual reviewer feels about the book. 

With each review, the title, the author, the publisher, the source of where we received the book, along with the star rating is listed. Reviews are posted on the blog, Amazon, Goodreads, occasionally on Barnes & Noble, and Facebook. Reviews and review links are sent to the publisher/publicist as well as the author if they'd like. We also tweet our review links on Twitter.

Book Reviews Ratings-
(click on the star rating links to read the reviews)
5 Stars- I Loved It!
4.5 Stars- I Really Enjoyed It
4 stars- I Enjoyed It
3.5 StarsI Liked It / It's a good read.
3 stars- It's A Good Read
2.5 stars: It's Ok
2 Stars- I wanted to like it more than I did.
no stars- Unfortunately this wasn't a book I'd recommend picking up

You can find all of our Book Reviews here (starting with the most recent review)
Our reviews are also posted on our Goodreads account and Amazon.


We love hosting Giveaways, and while the bulk of our giveaways are hosted here on Mundie Moms, we do occasionally host giveaways on Mundie Kids. Our giveaways are provided by either the author, the publisher or ourselves. It is the responsibility of those entering our giveaways to read our giveaway policy before entering.

Mundie Moms Giveaway Policy:

* Winners are selected using Rafflecopter and sometimes

* All winners will be notified via the email you provide us when filling out our entry form. We are not held reliable if your email filters our email as span, or you provide a bad email.

* You must be 13 years (with a parent or guardian's permission) and older to enter our giveaways

* We do NOT save any personal information. Your name, email and mailing address are deleted along with the form, once the contest is over. If you are uncomfortable putting in your mailing address, please note that in the form and I'd be happy to have you email it to me should you chosen as the winner.

*All winners MUST reply back to us within 48 hours or another winner will be drawn.

* Winnings can be mailed from us or from the publisher or author (it's up to the author if they select US only or open it up internationally). 

*It is the responsibility of the party who's entering the giveaway to READ the giveaway rules! US ONLY means US only, and the winner will NOT be compensated for their failure to read the rules if they win and live outside of the US.

* For Publishers send the winning items via the carrier they choose. The majority of publisher hosted giveaways are only open to US residents, but we will specify when that is the case. IF you are international and a US mailing address we can send it to, please enter that address.

* All items we ship are sent Media Mail, except where prohibited.

* Delivery Confirmation will only be selected when we mail a signed book (this service is NOT valid for over seas shipping).

* We are NOT responsible for lost mail. If you do not receive your item with in a timely manner, please notify us and we will do our best to fix the situation, but we do NOT guarantee we can replace the item that is lost in the mail. You must email us within 30 days of the item being sent in order for us to correct the problem. 

Our giveaways are open to our internationally followers when noted, and due to the rising costs in shipping and paying with shipping out of our own pockets, all Internationally winners will need to pay for their shipping costs within 48 hours of receiving our email, before the book/books are shipped. If within 48 hours no payment or contact is made, we will then select another winner (this is valid for all winners outside the US).

Payment is made via our Pay Pal link here