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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Clockwork Angel Read Along Day 18: Chapter 17 Call The Darkness Down

It's day 18 of our Clockwork Angel Read Along! Please be sure to visit our link here for our schedule, guidelines and to fill out the form to be entered to win some fabulous prizes. Feel free to answer any number of the questions asked. You don't need to answer all of them if you don't wish to.

Today we're discussing chapter 17. Well, this just became a bit more interesting. Charlotte and Henry are off, Will and Jem leave and find Mrs Dark (I didn't realize until now that is was Mrs & not Ms.... hmm wonder who she's married to), and the automatons are attacking the institute. OH, and Mrs Dark reveals that De Quincey is not the Magister.

* This plot line just became a bit more twisted and now we know who the Magister really is, since Mrs Dark said it was joke that Will & Jem thought De Quincey was him. Who do you think the Magister is?

* Someone must have known precisely when everyone was going to leave the institute for the automatons to attack right as Will and Jem, Charlotte and Henry have left. Who do you think is watching the Institute?

* I've read CA a couple times now and I just realized that Mrs Dark is a Mrs and not a Ms. Any thoughts on who she could be married to?


  1. * The first time I read the book I was so shocked when Mrs Dark was laughing and said that De Quincey is not the Magister.. I was like, WTF XDD. It's getting really interesting :)

    * I was really surprised that the enemy new perfectly when everyone was about to leave the Institute. It was like, ok where is the spy? But well, I guess we are about to find it out ;)

    * I read the book in english just once, and the rest of times in spanish so I didn't notice that little detail too. Who would marry that hideos character? o.O

  2. I think the magister is someone that has been right under their noses acting as an allie, i think it maybe the one who directed charlotte to de quincy in the first place, axel mortmain.

    I think mortmain is wathing, because he was the last one at the institue before the attack, he was the one who directed will and jem to the dark sisters, and had them leave. It's funny how mortmain knows this stiff now, but ealier he didn't know much about anything.

    Maybe mrs dark was married to the majister, and then he found out that she was of no use to him. Other than training someone who was of use to him.

  3. I'm really enjoying this book, it's ashame it took me this long to read it. I'm really excited to be so close to the end now, i want to know who is who and what's going on. This is rediculosely exciting! :) on to chapter 18 :)

  4. *I think the first time I read this I was really confused at this point, but tried to think logically about it. I think that I thought it was Mortmain since it seemed like he set Jem and WIll up to go to find the dark sisters, and then the automaton went into the institute right after Jem and Will left.

    *This goes back to my answer to the 1st question. I think that Mortmain set it up so that the automaton with Jem's blood went to attack right after Jem and Will left.

    *I didn't even think about that until now when you mentioned it. I guess I just always thought she was a Ms. too. That is an excellent question and I have no clue who it could be. Or could have been, maybe she is a widow.

  5. Oh jeez, I had never seen that one coming. I was positive it was De Quincey. But yes, I think the Magister is someone they already know pretty well, that at first appears to have good intentions. No telling who, though. Could be six-fingered Nigel, ha.

    That was a bit fishy. Definitely not coincidental, anyway. I'm thinking it was either Mortmain or in some twist Nate, because those two are the only recent guests with questionable histories. Perhaps not, though.

    Whoa! I have never noticed that before. I've read CA countless times now, and I let THAT slip?! *bangs head against virtual wall*. Sheesh. Well, I'm thinking that's a bit of foreshadowing, and it will mean something more in Clockwork Prince. There has to be some story behind it. The only strange thing I can come up with off the top of my head is maybe Mrs. Dark was married to whoever Tessa's "father" is? If she even has

  6. WHOA..... it IS a Mrs... wonder who she's married to? Mortmain? De Quincey? :P
    ...... NATE?!?
    Heh. :)

    The Magister is... _________ This will count as a spoiler, I guess, so I won't say who. But I really did NOT expect that it would be him! :)

  7. This chapter just exploded with information! This one is hard to discuss without spoilers as well.

    Someone is definitely watching the Institute. How else would they know the perfect time to attack?

    Also, who would marry Mrs. Dark? Someone who is equally power hungry, I presume.

  8. i doubt we even know who she is married to. My guess would be the magister but that doesnt really work.....bleh who would want to any way.
    I dont want to spoil anything so I cant really say more

  9. Well first of all, I think the Dark Sisters have some MAJOR issues. I felt so bad for Will and Jem at that point when they were just being laughed at. You could practicly see the shock and worry they had.
    Who was watching the Institute? I would give that up to Mortiman. He was the last one there and he knew Charlotte and Henry had left. He was the one who sent out Will and Jem. I feel like he knew by a weird coincedence.
    And Mrs. Dark? Whats up with that? We never heard anything about her being married. You only hear about the sister. I noticed this as I was reading but I kinda felt like it was a way to seperate Mrs Dark from the Dark sisters. I don't know who would marry her. Cassie probably has someone in mind though.

  10. Definitely seems to be a would they know when to attack????

    Felt for Will/Jem trying so hard...being laughed at...fooled into leaving Institue unquarded

    Think she a Mrs as would give her more freedom at that time in history than a Ms...for who would marry such hideous creature unless another demon...


  11. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who caught the Mrs. this time around. I can't tell you how many times I've read this book and never caught onto that.

    Cassie definitely has a talent for surprising us, and she's definitely done that in this chapter. I really wanted to ask what everyone's predictions were for the next chapter, but I found that was too hard to do without giving away some sort of spoiler.

  12. I was surprised to read that de Quincy wasn't the magister. The whole scene with Mrs Dark laughing and Will trying not to freak out was great! Cassie really knows how to up the suspense.

    I think that the Mrs is just something she assigned herself. All housekeepers at this time were called Mrs whether they were married or not.

  13. It's hard for me to answer the first two questions without talking about spoilers so I'll skip those. I did notice on my first reading of CA that both the sisters went by Mrs. and not Ms. I did wonder who they were married to but then I thought maybe it was just a title they gave themselves.

  14. When I first read this I figured out who the Magister was. In this chapter all the pieces are all starting to come together.

    I didn't really think about the Mrs title. I just took it that her name was Mrs. Dark and that's just what she went by. But it would be rather interesting to know who she is married to and if there is any significance in it.

  15. I'm not quite sure who the Magister is... it's not De Quincey... but if the Magister is all powerful, why does he need a distraction? Unless... he's either vulnerable that day or... he's waiting for the Institute to be defnseless. Either way, he has to feel as though he can't take on the Institute if they know who he is. In which case, he is in a vulnerable position. So probably not another vampire meaning Camille is ruled out. No werewolves or fairies have really been introduced yet. It could be a shadowhunter I suppose, maybe one of the Lightwoods... but they are on the expedition against De Quincey so that's not right. It could be Mortmain since he was the one who said it was De Quincey in the first place! And yet the Dark sisters laughed at the prospect! I think I've found out who it is! Am I right?! Can't wait to read more and find out!

    Maybe someone has a watching spell so they can spy on the institute? Or sent automatons? Or sent spies?... Too many ideas to contemplate. :P

    Oh my gosh! That's true that the Dark sisters are married! I bet we'll find out who the husbands/wives are later on! Maybe come to avenge the sisters! Maybe even more powerful demons like... Abadon! Oh! What if that's one of the husbands! That would explain why he attacked Jace HERONDALE in MI! He holds a grudge or something! Or maybe it's the demon of fear that we learn about in City of Ashes! Makes sense since the Dark sisters seem to like torturing people! Oh, the possibilities! :D Or maybe it's not a demon at all! Maybe it's someone who is a part of the Clave! I can't wait to find out!

  16. It must be mortimain. He was the one to direct them to the sisters. He knows waaay to much.

    I'm sad to say it.... but I think it's Tessas brother. He is the only one that would actually betray the shadowhunters.

    I never gave it any bigger thought. Maybe they married eachother... the sisters, ahha. No but. They've probably lived for a long time. Doesn't suprise me that they were married once. Can be anyone.

  17. Maybe Mortmain is the Magister? This was my guess from the beginning... but now I'm not sure, it seems a little obvious. But I don't really know who else it could be, we haven't been introduced to a lot of other characters outside of the Institute. Magnus is unlikely -- he's a good guy, right? I guess there's a small chance it could be Nate, but that too seems unlikely.
    Well, Mortmain knows when they left, so I guess he could have been involved in the attack on the Institute.
    Regarding "Mrs." Dark, maybe it's just for show, I know women had less rights back in those times, maybe she had a "fake" husband on the side in who's name she did business under.

  18. Magnus married Mrs. Dark.

    Lol no, I have no idea XD But it does make sense. I kept wondering how they could be sisters with different last names lol. So it's obvious she took her husband's last name. Which means we haven't met him yet. I think...?

  19. I think the big enemy in all this is Mortmain. I could be wrong, but we know it isn't de Quincey so it leaves Mortmain, right!? Guess we will find out in the next chapter or two.

    Mrs. Dark is married to...Mr. Dark of course! Seriously, I have no clue!

  20. Mortmain, it has to be Mortmain....Just like Charlotte said earlier on (I am paraphrasing) he's a Mundane who thinks he can use Down-Worlders to become powerful, but in the end will find himself over his head (and if we are lucky without one, lol)

    I won't answer the second one since I have read this book twice already so I know the answer and it's a good one :-)

    I noticed the same thing about the Dark Sisters, but have NO could just be for show, since during that time period to be an unmarried female on your own was not really acceptable but I suppose she could have 'duped' someone into marrying her at sometime. Hope it wasn't Mortmain,that could make things interesting.

  21. I always thought that magister was Mortmain. It is either him, or someone we haven't met yet.

    I never trusted Nate, and I thought that it could be him.

    I'm not sure who she could be married too. I think in 1800's London, a Mrs could just be given to a very old lady as respect, so maybe she isn't really married but uses the Mrs b/c it gives more freedom and respect. Or maybe her husband died years ago, and we will never know.

  22. On the first read through, I had no idea who the Magister was, if not DeQuincey.
    Everyone is suggesting Mortmain, but I wouldn't expect a human to have that much power in the Shadow world.

    Mrs. Dark a widow warlock? She said she didn't want to be alone. That could be a great story about how she lost the love of her eternal life, and was left with only her sister to comfort her.

  23. Well since it's a for sure fact that De Quincy isn't the Magister it has to be Mortmain. There is something very off with him.

    There has to be someone watching the Institute to know when everyone left. I think it's either Mrs.Dark or some automatons. Some actually look like real people so it would be hard to guess what they really are. I also think Nate might have something to do with as well. He is a sneaky one.

    I haven't even realized the whole Mrs. thing. That would mean she is married but I don't see who would marry her. Maybe because she is old everyone just says Mrs. This was a very formal time and unless you personally knew someone you would use a title with their last name to address them. I don't see her married to anyone.

  24. - Well I know, so I won't say anything :)

    - The Magister..........which is way beyond creepy, because to me it means he's been keeping tabs on the Institute and its people for a while now.

    - I never realized this before, I think I never even knew that meant you were married to someone (my mother tongue is Spanish, so yeah, there's still a lot to learn for me). But that raises interesting speculations, maybe the person she's married to will be revealed in the following books ?

  25. Ha! That's why I like to read books more than once. You never know what you missed the first time. Especially when there is a lot going on. Bigger question is - who would want to be married to either one of them?

  26. I'm curious to figure out who the Magister is as well, perhaps it's someone we haven't met yet. Whoever it is has worked very hard at concealing their identity and not stepping forward to reap the rewards of having such a powerful stature. It's clearly someone much more cunning than we anticipated.

    I noticed right away that they were both "Mrs." (the Dark Sisters,) and was wondering the same thing. Perhaps they were just called Mrs. to simply have a name, and it doesn't mean anything. I doubt that's true, since Ms. Clare is a master storyweaver and always has a motive for everything.

  27. * The first time I read CA, I was so shocked. I had been convinced that De Quincy was the Magiser. I won't comment on who the Magister is, as that would be a spoiler.

    * I had imagined one of the automans kept watch.

    * No idea who Mr. Dark is.

  28. i guess the only other people who could be the magister are nate and mortmain. there aren't really enough other characters for it to be anyone else. and i think both of them would be watching the institute.

    i never even noticed that she's a mrs! i think she's most likely a widow. or maybe she's married to another warlock. *shrug*

  29. I've been sayin gto myself that Mortmain is The Magister for quite sometime now.

    Nate is obivously watching them closely.

    I have no clue on who Mrs. Dark is married to.