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Friday, March 5, 2010

Freebie Friday!

This week's Freebie Friday is sponsored by our wonderful friend and affiliate, Heather with Fire & Ice.

Today we have two wonderful MI necklaces that we're giving away (books NOT included).

To Enter, make sure you're a blog follower and leave us a comment with your email address. For extra entries-
+3 for being a forum member
+2 if you follow Fire & Ice on blogger
+2 for checking out Heather's Itsy shop and leaving a comment with your favorite item from her shop

This contest will run until next Friday, March 12 at 8 AM CST. At that time, 2 winners will be selected and their names will be posted on our blog the following day.

To find more amazing jewelry of Heather's, please visit her shop here:


  1. I love them!! Heather makes such awesome stuff!

    I am a blog follow!
    +2 I follow Fire & Ice on blogger.
    +2 I love all of the stuff she has for the Mortal Instruments!



  2. Beautiful pieces!!!

    Blog followers
    +3 for being a forum member
    +2 I kind of have to go with the E for Edward necklace (Twilight sucker that I am!)

  3. Beautiful necklaces! Great contest.

    I am a blog follower

    +2 if you follow Fire & Ice on blogger
    +2 I love all the wing charm necklaces. Very beautiful
    pirate_pony2 at yahoo dot com

  4. I really like the City of Ashes Necklace. Thanks for another great contest!

    +2-I don't know why because it's not really my style, but I am just drawn to the photo of the angel in the snow.

  5. I'm a blog follower.

    +2 I came across Heather's shop while looking for Hush, hush necklaces. So far her Hush, hush collection is definitely my fave!


  6. I love Heathers stuff and her blog!! Her photography is beautiful!!
    +3 for being a forum member
    +2 follow Fire & Ice on blogger
    +2 my favorite piece is actually no longer there. :( it was the Patch Feather that was blinged out. Loved it! But if I had to pick a new favorite it would be the BC inspired charm Braclet.
    Thanks for the great giveaway. Mrs(dot)Graef(at)hotmail(dot)com

  7. +2 Following Fire & Ice
    +2 I love all the Dark Divine stuff, but my favorite would have to be Daniel's Black Oval Moon Stone Necklace. That and the Sister's Red Charm Necklace. You know what? I love it all! :D


  8. Please count me in =)
    I am a follower and a forum member

    I love her work, I ordered 2 necklaces 3 weeks ago, unfortunately they aren't here yet =( I think something is wrong with the mail, I didn't receive anything this entire week o.0

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. When I first visited the site of Heather's Itsy shop (which was just three weeks ago)...

    ... *____*

    It IS possible to fall in love with an object! (Sounds creepy... but blegh! :P) Beautiful... absolutely, superly-durely, totally, honestly, really... Beautiful. I am AMAZED of Heather's creative mind. I wanted loads of things there... but I'm currently bankrupt... sad. sob.

    So I am gonna take this opportunity to be able to win some gorgeous jewelry by an awesome person named Heather!!! XD

    Wah~ I'm losing my bearings...

    Your as awesome blog follower,
    Chi (animedikz_kyo at yahoo dot com)

    p.s. OMG! Ha!

  10. I'm not entering. I haven't read the whole series and I don't want to take away form the super fans, but I wanted to say those are awesome!

  11. I love the Crystal Orb Necklace and the Purple Dark Divine Earrings... but I really like almost everything, all super cute stuff!!!

    +1 Comment
    +3 Forum Member
    +2 Checking out Etsy Shop (which I love, thanks for sharing it)


  12. I am a blog follower
    +3 for being a forum member
    +2 for checking out Heather's Itsy shop I really like the believe charm necklace.

  13. I am a blog follower
    +2 for checking out Heather's shop. Gosh, what do I like best? Patch's feather with the black cord and the photo of the rusted red radio flier just struck a chord with me - memories so I really like it too.
    Thanks for the give away.

  14. I'm a blog follower.
    Lovely necklaces.

  15. I'm a follower :) and I totally love the walnut tree earrings! they are SO cute!


  16. I am a follower
    +3 for being a forum member
    +2 for checking out Heather's itsy shop
    I have a three way tie between the dark divine journal, dark divine cross pendant, and the BC Genevieve necklace

  17. I love Heather's blog! She always has the cooles stuff :D

    +3 for being a forum member: Sharli
    +2 follow Fire & Ice on blogger
    +2 Fave. item: purple is my favorite color, I love the Dark Divine Purple Gem Cross Necklace xD

    Thank you!
    entrelibros_blog at hotmail dot com

  18. I'm a blog follower
    +2 I follow Fire and Ice
    +2 I love the Dark Divine Inspired Charm Bracelet!

    Those MI necklaces are sooo pretty!

  19. I'm a blog follower
    +2 I follow Fire and Ice (NRSVampChick)
    +2 My favorite is The Dark Divine Purple Gem Cross Necklace


  20. Follower!

  21. blog follower!

    +3 forum member (@maidenveil)
    +2 blog follower of Fire & Ice
    +2 i love her journals! especially the rollercoaster (hush hush-inspired) and the clockwork angel-inspired :D


  22. +3 for being a forum member~Tammy
    +2 if you follow Fire & Ice on blogger~Tammy
    +2 for checking out Heather's Etsy shop and leaving a comment with your favorite item from her shop: Heather has such beautiful creations! I REALLY love the photography in her Etsy shop!

  23. +2 I follow Fire & Ice
    +2 I think the wolf paw charm bracelet is my favorite :)


  24. +3 for being a forum member (Meow_mix)
    +2 if you follow Fire & Ice on blogger
    +2 for checking out Heather's Itsy shop: One of my favorites is that Key! Another is her journal for Fire.


  25. I love so many items in her shop, but I'd have to say this is probably my favorite +2

    +2 follow Fire and Ice

    :) Erica

  26. Lovely necklaces[@]gmail[.]com

    +2 I follow Fire & Ice on blogger
    +2 There are lots of lovely items in her Etsy shop but my favourite is the Rosecrest Timepiece Necklace

  27. I follow fire and ice via blogger

    and is my favorite item

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com. so tired

  28. I would LOVE to win this!
    Thankyou!! :D:D:D
    I am a old follower


  29. I'm a follower. The necklaces are awesome

  30. Enter me please, they are beautiful!

    +3 for being a forum member
    I follow!

  31. Loved the Mortal Instrument books and I love those necklaces. Heather is very talented and has beautiful jewelry, I actually had several favorites, the wolf paw charm bracelet, the dragonfly floating necklace, and the sister red inspired charm necklace.

  32. I follow on google friend connect
    +2 I follow fire and ice on blogger (Anne Jolly)
    +2 from the etsy shop I like the Shiver Inspired Charm Bracelet

    ajolly1456 at gmail dot com

  33. I would love to be entered.

    I'm a new follower

  34. I am a blog follower. Thanks for the opportunity!

    melissapascarelli at gmail dot com

  35. great contest - do love her jewelry!!!

    +3 for new forum member


  36. Thank you everyone for entering. This giveaway is now closed.