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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twitter Tuesday - Julie Kagawa

You will have to click over to Julie's post to see these really incredible, awful and funny cakes. I'm still loving the Zombie Hello Kitty (watch out Grimalkin!) and the dragon one. They made me smile and, well yes, cringe as well.

Now on to the Really Important News! Yes, there's another The Iron Queen teaser up and this one features both Puck and *happy sigh* Ash...sparring, verbally. Go, go, go -- it's at the bottom of the post. Pssst, be sure to wish Julie a "Happy Birthday" in the Comments.


  1. I love these teasers! I can't wait for the release!!

  2. Mhmmm, I love Ash and Puck sparring whether verbally or physically. ;-)