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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LIVE Chat with Heist Society author, Ally Carter TONIGHT!!

*Our chat will start at 8 pm CST/ 9 pm EST. To join, hit join and enter a screen name.!

*We do our best to make sure all comments are published, but with the high volume of guests expected tonight, not all the questions may be answered in the hour time frame of the chat.

*In respect to our guest's time, we will only publish comments that pertain to their current writings, and book.

*We will not post any personal questions or comments.

* Any rude, disrespectful, or spam like comments will not be published.

*Thank you and we look forward to chatting with everyone tonight!

**No part of this chat is allowed to be used with out our permission**


  1. Hey Ally! Do you plan on ever bringing Josh back into Cammie's life, or is it all Zach? Last book ended with Cammie running away to find answers. Did she mean find Zach and run away with him? I thought she turned him down when he asked.

  2. I actually just saw the post about the chat at 10 (central), but I just finished 'Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy' and I was looking for a way to contact Ally. I don't know who will see this or if this is even for anyone, but I love that book, and not just a love. LOVE! I think it's my favorite book now...I'm a fantasy reader, but this book made ME feel like I was there, and actually made me look around because I thought I was a spy! :P

  3. Hi Ally! Are we going to find out Hale's real name ever??? Also, when reading HS I was confused on the age of the twins. What are their ages??

  4. Anon - All of our chats are LIVE chats and if you look through the transcript above, you'll see that Ally answered at least one of your questions. :]

    Jessica - I felt the EXACT same way when I reviewed HS (post is below). Ally's writing is perfect!! I ran and bought all the GG books because of reading HS. We hope to have Ally back for another chat after UC is released. :]

  5. I can't believe I can really talk to you Ally! I just..I have so many questions! I've been trying to write a story myself. Sorry to bother, I'm sure you are busy with your own life and answering other peoples' comments. But if you have anytime, could I please talk to you? Thanks, I just can't wait for book number 5! I need to know what happens!! Thanks!!

  6. Thank you to everyone who participated in our chat!

    Ally will NOT be answering questions from the comment here. If you have a question for Ally, please visit her site for the best way to contact her.