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Friday, October 28, 2011

Clockwork Angel Read Along Day 17: Chapter 16 The Binding Spell

It's day 17 of our Clockwork Angel Read Along! Please be sure to visit our link here for our schedule, guidelines and to fill out the form to be entered to win some fabulous prizes. Feel free to answer any number of the questions asked. You don't need to answer all of them if you don't wish to.

Today we're discussing chapter 16. I have so many issues with Nate, that I'm finding it hard to be objective about this chapter. We learn from Nate that he was kept by de Quincy and that he forced Nate to write the letters that brought Tessa to London, and we also learn why he did it. Nate also reveals that their had parent's ties to Mortmain, and that de Quincy knew them as well.

* Nate acknowledges that he knows what Tessa is. What do you think he meant when he said, "It ought to have been me." Do you think he's always known Tessa was different or do you think he only learned about Tessa's ability from de Quincy?

* Nate not only reveals why he wrote the letters, but he gave us the connection between de Quincy, Mortmain and Tessa. Since she wasn't born when her parents fled London, how would de Quincy know Tessa was something special, especially if Nate never told him anything about her?

* This story just got a little bit more exciting. It also looks as though darker things are about to happen. Why would de Quincy want to have an automation army? He's a vampire after all and a pretty powerful one at that.


  1. *I think that he only knew about it from De Quincy. I really didn't trust Nate though. I will stop with that.

    *It is said that Tessa's mom didn't like the meetings and any of it, I think that she was pregnant with Tessa and they left because she wanted to be away from all of it. I think that De Quincy has a lot of resources and can get any information he wants.

    *I think that he wants to be sure that the Shadow hunters are destroyed and he knows that the automatons are capable of it, and it's better to lose them, than any of his Coven. I don't think he is aware that they have linked him to the automatons and thinks that this way the vampires won't be suspected of any wrong doing.

  2. I think nate always knew about tessa. And i think he means it should have been him who had the power not her, either to use it, or because he doesn't want his sister to bare that burden i'm not sure.

    Their mother or father must have had some abilities in order for tessa to have them. Or i guess when tessa's mother was pregnant with her someone could have attempted some sort of experiment, not unlike the ones valintine used on jace, clary, and sabastian.

    I pretty sure he wants the army to envade the institue, as i said in one of my other entries, i believe de quincy is planing on invading the institue, and the only way he can do that is by using a army of something other than demons cosidering demons can't go on consecrated groud, and the institute is on consecrated ground.

  3. I find this chapter really hard to write about! Having already read this, it's so hard to write about Nate.

    I do think that Nate wants the power though since he is the first born. He probably thinks that he should have been the one with it.

  4. Amy- Thank you so much for your comments!!

    Kitty- Great point about Nate! I totally agree with what you said.

    Kaitlyn- I know! It was really hard for me not to say anything about Nate. I had to keep rewording my questions so I wouldn't spoil anything.

  5. I agree with Kaitlyn it's hard to write about nate when you've already read it. I think he wishes he was an only child with all the attention

  6. * Well, I guess If De Quincey said that he wanted Tessa and she would be rich.. Maybe wanted to have this future? (The rich part) Gosh, I can't understand this boy.. I don't like him >.<

    * I think when they find out that Tessa's mom was pregnant with her, they ran away from that strange world.

    * I think he wants the army to fight for him, so they don't have to risk their 'lifes'. I don't know... o.O

  7. I think Nate and de Quincey are pawns. I just don't believe de Quincey is The Magister. There is just too much book left to know who the evil bad guy is already!

    Also, Nate is getting secondhand or even third-hand information and is trying to piece it all together while under duress, there is no telling what is truth and what is lie.

  8. I knew I didn't like Nate...
    think he is a little man who wants to be important...anyway he can...would like Tessas power..but will use her to his advantage...
    He has probably known all along that she was different/special...

    Think Nate is a pawn...DeQuincey is probably also being used...Kitty probably has it right ...demons cannot go into the Institute while mechanical men would have to problem...maybe he is making so many so he can take over all the Institutes...will have to wait and see


  9. I think Nate only learned about Tessa's ability from the Magister and I think he made the "It ought to have been me" comment because he thinks having such an ability can get him money and power.

  10. I think that Nate's comment makes him sound jealous of Tessa.
    Nate also sounds like he knows way too much information. It's almost like he has rehearsed what he has told them. And why isn't Nate more afraid of de Quincey when he ordered his death.
    The mystery of the Magister seems to be getting closer to be revealed.

  11. Honestly I dont think de quincy is the villain. i think he is just another lackey and the magister is the one with the automon army. I still dont understand why though

  12. I think Nate is selfish and has many disillusions about the shadowhunter world. I think he is jealous of Tessa and wishes that he was the one who the Magister wanted, the important one. I think that he didn't know about Tessa until maybe a year before when he perhaps found a letter for his parents? Or maybe he found out the day his parents died when someone mysterious showed up at their funeral? I don't know when but I don't think he's known for too long a time or else this adventure for Tesa would have started sooner. It was bound to happen when the Magister found Nate and got into his head.

    I think there is something very wrong with De Quincey being the Magister. It just doesn't add up. I think he might be a cover up for who the Magister really is. I am just not sure if De Quimncey knows he's a distraction. He probably doesn't since that would make him more cautious and suspicious about Tessa and co. He is in danger if he is a diversion so he probably woudn't accept being a diversion.

    Question 2 and question 3 are pretty much the same so just look at the answer above for my thoughts on question 2. :P

  13. I think found out about Tessa when he came to London. Maybe he wants to be special like Tessa and that's why he said it should have been me.

    The magister must have known her parents and knew they were special or that they would produce a special child.

  14. I am still puzzled as to how Nate knows about Tessa's abilities even though she did not. I am thinking Nate is still hiding a lot of information about what is going on.
    Maybe de Quincey is tired of hiding from the mundanes, and he feels he needs an army in order to take over London and do whatever he wants without answering to the Nephilim.

  15. I don't like Nate much. He irritates me. I think he's just jealous that Tessa's special and the only thing he's good at doing is being weak and succumbing to vices.

    I think Tessa's existence was kept very hush-hush. There's some greater story behind it, but a few people in a circle of high-ranking Downworlders knew about it somehow, and De Quincey was one of them.

    Well, there's quite a few possibilities with this one. I'd like to think that De Quincey has a vampire army at hand, but only uses them when necessary. He keeps the automatons as his main army, because if they get destroyed, you can just build more. If a vampire dies, there's no bringing them back. Save his vampire army for strength and numbers.

  16. I kinda think that when Nate said "It should have been me." that he was looking for power. It fits with his personality and what happens in the story. I just think its him searching for a way to be more important and neccisary and realizing that he is not.
    As for Tessas exsistance- I think that Nate and their father fit into the same mold. Alcoholism probably came from him and seeing as their father liked the meetings, maybe he was drunk at one and spilled secrets to someone who shouldn't know.
    And de Quincey- I think he has motives and at this point we are missing the bigger picture.

  17. Great comments! I agree, I think Nate is hiding something.....

  18. I don't think he knew before... it doesn't sound like he does. But then again.. I don't really trust him. He probably is just jealous that she is more special then him for once.

    He probably has a hand in why she is how she is. Can't imagine how he would know otherwise.

    Okay.. I'm pretty sure it's not de Quincy anymore... to many questions about why HE would have the army... is probably mortimain's or something... maybe he wants to raise in ranks or something. And by killing the shadowhunters he thinks he'll get that.

  19. When Nate says "It ought to have been me", at first you think that he is being the protective older brother and wouldn't want her to have gone through the terrible experience with the Dark Sisters. Then you think that, no, he's just being hungry for power.

    I never thought before about DeQuincey keeping tabs on Tessa's family when they went to America, but I guess he could have.

    With the hundreds or thousands of automatons that they are talking about with demon energy, that could definitely overpower the Shadowhunters. I hadn't expected the Magister to make so many.

  20. I actually 100% agree with jbess. At first I thought he was being protective of Tessa, but now I just think that he is the one who wanted the power. I don't like Nate at all!

    Even though de Quincey is a vampire, I think he wants this army to take over the shadowhunters, and maybe even demons and other downworlders.

  21. I think Nate just recently learned about Tessa an powers. I doubt she did anything back home to prove she wasn't human so I don't see how Nate could have known. He was pretty much in his own little world. I think he meant that he should have the powers probably because he is older but also because he is selfish.

    I think Details Quincy kept tabs on Tessa and Nate's parents since he knew them and I'm sure he knew the mom was pregnant. Details Quincy is powerful so when he wants information on something he will get it. I think the parents were experimented on to see if any of the kids would become supernatural. I'm thinking along the same lines as what Valentine did with Jace, Clary, and Johnathan.

    I think the automaton army is going to be used to get into the Institute. Its very protected and no demon can enter so a mechanical army would have no problem. I see the Institute as being the place for the big showdown to occur.

  22. - I think maybe he knew about Tessa's ability before De Quincey "told him". And that quote puzzles me, I don't know if he's saying it like he wanted him to be the special one, or if it was supposed to happen to him. I don't know, I don't exactly understand that part in particular but it called my attention.

    - I think there's a possibility that Nate is lying and he was actually the one who told De Quincey. Or that Tessa was experimented with since the beginning and before her parents left London it was determined that she would be special for some reason (maybe that's why they left ?).

    - I'm curious about the reason for hating the Shadowhunters of the person who created the automatons...

  23. It's still unclear as to how de Quincey and Mortmain found out about Tessa's abilities, but I'm sure the automatons are connected somehow. I think we'll find out very soon, now that there's something big about to happen to everyone with the full moon and the automatons supposedly gaining their own life-force this coming night... spooky!

  24. Nate just made me mad in this chapter. I was right there glaring with Will and Jem.

  25. * I don't think Nate knew Tessa was special until he was told. I think he is just a selfish person, who looks out for himself and takes advantage of whatever situation he is put in.

    * I'm not sure how De Quincy knew about Tessa's abilities. Maybe he knew her mom was pregnant when they fled London.

    * I think all of De Quincy's motives come from his hate of the Enclave and their laws.

  26. i think what nate means when he says it ought to have been him, is that he should've been the special one; he should've been the ones with the powers that are important to the magister. i reckon he only knew about tessa's powers when de quincy told him.

    i guess if de quincy was the magister, he would know about her powers.

    the shadow hunters are also highly trained vampire killers as well, i guess. with the automatons, de quincy might have a higher chance of getting what he wants.

  27. I think this has something to do on how Tessa was created. Tessa is of a Warlock but with no markings, I think Tessa is what he is by an experiment and was supposed to be Nate.

    Like what i'm predicting Nate is part of the whole plan on how to distract or mislead the shadowhunters. Nate is going to be a big part on revealing who Tessa really is.

    I keep telling myself the de quincey is not the magister and it is mortmain since he manufactures the cog and stuff to build automatons.