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Monday, July 23, 2012

Book Review: I Am (Not) The Walrus by Ed Briant

Published by: Flux
Released on: July 8th, 2012
Source: book from publisher to review/blog tour
3.5 stars: It's A Good Read
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Toby and Zack’s first gig could make or break their Beatles cover band, the Nowhere Men. But ever since getting dumped by his girlfriend, lead singer Toby can’t quite pull off the Beatles’ feel-good vibe. When Toby finds a note hidden inside his brother’s bass claiming the instrument was stolen, he embarks on a quest to find the true owner—and hopes a girl named Michelle will help him recover his lost mojo along the way. - quoted from the publisher's site
Being a huge Beatles fan, I was really intrigued with this book's storyline and the role music played in it. It's not often you come across a YA book that is centered on music, and incorporates the music of one of the best musical groups of all times. Not only that, I love that this book is a modern day contemporary with a good male voice and is set in London. I enjoyed the authenticity of the story, and reading about that UK slang I've heard so much about. For me, the musical element of this story is what sold me on reading this book, and I think it's going to be a key element in getting teen readers to pick this book up, as they'll be able to relate to the huge role that music plays in the characters's lives, as well as their own.
I Am (Not) The Walrus is the story of Toby, a teen who's recently moved from London to another party England in hopes of his struggling, single mom finding a better job. I liked the role Toby's Mum played in his life. She wasn't an absentee parent, but someone who worked hard to provide for her son, and treated him with the respect he deserved. I liked their relationship, as it is an open and honest one. It was refreshing for me to read about their relationship and to have a parent have a good presence in this story. With is older brother away in the military, Toby takes full advantage of his deployment and uses his bass and other musical equipment he's left behind. This bass ultimately leads him on a crazy adventure that includes a valuable lesson in friendship, and of course the inspiration from a few Beatles songs. 
When Toby discovers a note in his brother's bass, it leads him on a wild adventure to find who the bass belongs to, that is, if the note claiming it was stolen is indeed true. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this book's storyline, and dialogue. It wasn't a fast paced read, but one that just flowed perfectly, and kept me invested in the story the entire time. It's seriously one of those fun reads that you can't help, but laugh out loud numerous times while reading it. Plus how can you not love a guy who has a few mishaps and makes you cheer for him in hopes that he can get the girl, and get to the bottom of the bass mystery. I also enjoyed getting to read about Toby's loyal friend and fellow bandmate, Zach. These two have a fabulous chemistry that's witty, hysterical and real. These two kept me entertained the entire time I read this book. I loved how their differences made their friendship that much stronger. 
With a mix of friendship, a tiny bit of romance and a lot of music, I Am (Not) The Walrus is a good read I'd recommend picking up! Don't miss my guest post & giveaway with Ed HERE.


  1. I really want to read this one... though I am a little sad that there is only so little romance :(

    1. It's a good read and I think one you'd like. I should say there's more than a little romance. :)