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Friday, August 17, 2012

TOR's First YA Twitter Chat and Mundie Moms Mentioned In Publishers Weekly

There are times that I'm glad MMs Founder, Katie B., is on vacation this week. One of those times is now, because Katie would never toot her own horn and I get to do just that.

TOR Teen and Katie did a twitter chat yesterday that was so successful that Publishers Weekly noted it in their post here.

Here are the highlights:
  • For the Girls’ Nightmare Out chat, for example, “one of our children’s/YA editors, Susan Chang, is a big fan of the Mundie Moms blog. She he had the idea to ask [the blog’s founder] Katie Bartow to join us.”
  • Bartow introduced each author at 4 p.m. on Wednesday (Marta Acosta, who was caught in traffic, chimed in at 4:14 p.m.: “I’m here!), and asked a series of questions directed both at all three writers and at each individually. For example, she called Acosta’s poetry-reciting character, Mary Violet, “delightful,” and asked whether she was based on anyone. Acosta answered, “Mary Violet is fun, isn't she? No, she’s not based on anyone. She just showed up complete. I’m writing a series for her. In the Mary Violet Mysteries there will be lots of crime & poetry!”
  • Later, fans had the opportunity to ask their own questions, querying the authors on such subjects as what the term “YA” means to them (Desrochers: “Fiction that involves self exploration and other teen issues. Not all teen character based bks are YA”) and how much they write per month and whether they work on more than one project at a time (Blake: “I never have more than one WIP. Head would explode. In a good month, I can do 10–20k”).
  • At the end of the hour-long chat, Bartow thanked all the participants and directed fans to Tor’s Web site for tour details and for information on a sweepstakes giveaway: copies of all three authors’ newest novels plus book jacket iPhone skins.
Here's the really fun stat:
  • Wednesday's teen chat, like its predecessor, proved to be one of the publisher's most successful, with 332 tweets generating 2,639,388 impressions, reaching an audience of 278,384 followers within 24 hours.
HolyShmoly! Those are some numbers! Katie and the TOR team have to be proud of that. Many thanks to all of you, Mundie Moms who jumped on and participated. Don't forget to check out the tour stops to see if there's one near you.


  1. Wow! I need to get on twitter. And congrats on being mentioned. You so deserve it.

    1. Natalie - Twitter is such a fun social community; I would definitely encourage you to do so.