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Friday, December 28, 2012

Mundie Moms Best of 2012: Favorite Couples / Literary Crush

Welcome to today's best of 2012 feature! So far we've shared with you what our our favorite series, new series, series that ended this year are along with 13 books we're looking forward to read in 2013, our favorite book covers, characters, and '12 debuts. Today we're sharing with you our favorite couples. Now I know this seems like an impossible task to choose favorite couples, and believe me it is. I don't know why I come up with these lists, because I hate choosing. I always feel like I leave our so many of my favorites when I have to choose. This list was one of these hardest. Of course of at the top of our list is Jace and Clary, but since they're a given, Sophie and I branched out a bit and choose couples from some of our favorite reads this year.

Sophie: Kaleb and Lily from Myra McEntire's TIMEPIECE. Oh my those exchanges and that tension.

Katie: *gets distracted by rereading Kaleb's scenes*

Sophie: Asher and Remy from Corrine Jackson's TOUCHED. Enemies. Partners. Oh, for the love of paranormal romance- this couple is HOT goodness on a page.

Katie: *gets distracted by re-reading Touched* Does that mean I have to pick now? I'll just say "what she said"

Sophie: *re-reads Mr Darcy scenes while waiting patiently for Katie to pick*

Katie: I'll see your Asher and Remy with Ismae and Duval from Robin LaFever's Grave Mercy. They ruffle each other's feathers, unnerve each other, learn to trust one another, and slowly but surely fall in love, and wow is there romance sizzling. Speaking of sizzling, Liani Taylor has the best romance/non romance in Days of Blood and Starlight with Karou and Akiva. Holy hotness batman, I just wanted to shove them together and tell him to kiss already! I'm cheating, I'm picking one more, because I loved the romance between Alina and Mal in Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone. *sigh* It's just so good!

Sophie: *now re-reading Under the Never Sky*

Katie: See, now there's another favorite couple we both love..... Aria and Perry. *sigh* Wait, we also need to add in Roar. Okay, let's also list our favorite All Time Favorite Lit Crush....

Sophie: *doesn't look up from her book* Mr. Darcy

Katie: lol That's a given, but it has to be from this year.

Sophie: So hmmm, it can't be my beloved Mr. Darcy. I'm going with that other (note the spelling) Jase from Huntley Fitzpatrick's MY LIFE NEXT DOOR. All boys-next-door should be like him. Of course when I was was growing up, I lived next door to a family with toddler boys. Not the same at all.

Katie: Did you say Jace?

Sophie: Different Jase, but one you'll still love him, and yes, you need to read him!

Katie: I know, I know. You keep telling me that. I will. I need to meet this Jase. Okay, my favorite lit crush from this year would have to be....  I'm going to say any of Jennifer L. Armentrout's boys. Take your pick between Deity, Pure, Onyx, Opal and even the books she writes for "moms" *coughs*. Aiden, Seth, Daemon, the gamble brothers. I can't pick just one, because she writes her boys in such a Jace like way. They're snarking, swoon worthy, broken in different ways, and driven by the desire to protect the girl they love or in Seth's case want but can't have. So I'm a big fat cheater and saying Jennifer's boys.

What are some of your favorite couples and literary crushes from this year?


  1. Hahaha love your commentary! I was literally laughing. I also love Mr. Darcy! My family just watched the 5 hour Pride & Prejudice movie with Colin Firth...mmmh mmmh.
    My top three favorite couples of all time (in no particular order) are:

    Duval and Ismae from Grave Mercy (Read in 2012)
    Valek and Yelena from Poison Study (Read in 2011)
    Will and Ellie from Angelfire (re-reading right now)
    Between those three guys, there is a ton of hotness. And I think Duval and Valek are tied for first with Will coming in second <3

  2. you guys crack me up! love the lux series for holy hot couple batman. and of course kaleb & lily and Aria and Perry. I'd like to add Unspoken's Kami & Jared....oh my

  3. A few of my faves, in addition to those already mentioned:

    From "Poison Princess" ... Jackson and Evie. Yowsa! Love that Cajun, me.

    Also ... from "Starling" we have Fenn and Mason. Can't WAIT for the next book!

    From "Unraveling" ... Ben and Janelle. 'Cause he has a great way of getting a girl's attention. :-)

    AND ... can't forget Ember and Barrow from "Rift"

    That covers a few of 'em :-)

  4. YOU GUYS. Your list is just perfection. I, being the Divergent fan I am, cannot resist adding Tris & Tobias to my own list. ;) They're my favorite!

    I really need to get on reading Grave Mercy. Ishmae and Duval? They sound positively enticing. ;)

  5. I agree with Katie! Jennifer's boys!