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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Takes 2nd Place!

We almost did it! Despite not walking away with 1st place in MTV's Movie Brawl 2013, the TMI fandom proved that a movie that hasn't even been released yet, and doesn't have nearly the movie following it's competition, The Hunger Games has, is a force to be reckoned with. Taking the silver/2nd place is a huge thing for us fans. I'm amazed at how the TMI fandom has pulled together to vote and spread the word. Though if there were any movie that we had to lose 1st place to, I'd would have chosen Catching Fire. 

MTV had this to say: 
Once the second consecutive trip to the finals was confirmed for “The Hunger Games” franchise, that’s when the real battle began. In a tournament that notched 10 million votes, the results pointed to a clear, 100,000-vote win for “Catching Fire” over “The Mortal Instruments.” The strong showing from the Shadowhunters proved that the YA adaptation is a force to be reckoned with.

Well said MTV! I totally agree. I'm pretty sure Jace would agree too. ;)

Martin Moskowicz tweeted: 
TMI fandom rules. I am so excited that TMI made it to the finals without a movie being already released.

 I think it's huge that we made it to second place with any movies being out. I can only imagine how far we'll go next year or the year after when City of Ashes is out. Awesome job TMI fans! 


  1. Aww man :( Can't believe City of Bones didn't come first! Such a shame..
    So excited for this film :DDD
    Currently giving away a Jace quote pendant which is uber cute ;P

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  2. Right! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the "Hunger Games" books! Read them twice, own em and even listened to the trilogy on cd, but was rather disappointed by the movie. I do want to see the next movies, but considering ticket prices, guess which movie I'll actually pay to see at the theater? Hint: not a sequel!

    1. LOL! *TMI fist bump* I'm with you. I liked the movie, but I thought the books were way better. I'll definitely be watching the TMI movie more than a few times. :)

  3. Bummer. But then again, COB hasn't even been released, so.....we'll see how the voting goes next time around!

    1. I am blown away at the fact no TMI movies have even been released yet, and yet we made it to the final round. That says a lot about this fandom. I love it.

  4. I am so proud that COB came in second!! Like you said, the movie isn't even out yet. Just imagine how much more huge it will be once it's in theaters and people who haven't read the books become fans of the movie!! This fandom is just amazing. :)