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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Clockwork Prince Read Along Day #7: Chapter 6

Welcome to Day 7 of the Clockwork Prince Read Along. You can follow the entire read-a-long and find each of the day's posts here. Remember there's no right or wrong way to participate. Your comments can be as long or a short as you'd like them to be. You can answer one or each of the questions asked, it's totally up to you, BUT, in order to be entered into the CP giveaway (which you also had to sign up to win), you do need to be actively participating in the read-a-long. 

Today's discussion is about: Chapter 6

  • Hello plot twist! I was not excepting Cecily to be Will's sister, though it was obvious, based on his reaction in the previous chapter, that she was someone important to him. What are your thoughts with this new revelation? What do you make of Will's comments on the train ride back saying his sister is dead?
  • What do you think Mortmain is trying to keep secret with his past, that he's threaten Will's family and the Shadowhunters?
  • I'm beyond curious of the powers Tessa's angel has. Do you have any guesses as to why it only seems to work against Mortmain and his creations?
Please DO NOT POST SPOILERS. There's some fans who are joining the read-a-long who are reading Clockwork Prince for the first time. 


  1. I surprised, but i had already kind of knew that she somewhat related. it made me really sad that will said his sister was sad. i don't want him to isolate himself from his family. he doesn't deserve to be lonely

    Mortmain must have something really big to be threatening. I think if we can just find more about his past then the shadowhunter s will be able to capture him.

    I kind of have a guess. someone might have built it just for that reason to protect tessa because they knew who she was. also to stop Mortmain.

  2. I did think it was Will's sister based on her hair. But I didn't know what to think about his saying his sister is dead. :/

    Whatever Mortmain is hiding must not have anything to do with the reparations because that's public I wonder what it is he's hiding (?) Obviously whatever it is must threaten his plans. I have an idea, but I don't want to say just yet.

    The angel really bothers me, too. I wonder about its origins. Who made it? The Iron Sisters? Did I miss something about it???? Now that I'm re-reading this book, I have more questions than before! Obviously its powers are limited to certain threats, and it doesn't come to Tessa's aid all the time. It must only react to a certain type of dark magic.

  3. * From the first mention of Cecily I always thought she was Will's sister for some reason so it wasn't surprising to me. I thought his comment on the train was quite odd though.

    * I had no clue what to think about Mortmain. Obviously we know he is planning something big. I think I was completely confused the first time I read it.

    * I am super curious about the angel necklace too. It's obvious it's meant to protect Tessa, but I wonder where it really came from.

  4. I am completely confused that he said his sister was dead. I was thinking that maybe she is alive but dead to him. Plus I was shocked Cecily was his sister. I was was way off on my previous assumption.

    I am lost by Mortmain. I don't understand his actions or his intentions. The shadow hunters are getting closer to discovering his secret so I think he feels threatened, hence the reason to threaten Will's family. I hope they are not involved with him. That would crush Will.

    I guess this chapter confused me or lead to more questions, but I have no idea about Tessa's angel either. Maybe it was made as protection against Mortmain in general.

    Hopefully some of these questions will be answered soon!

  5. So as I second time reader, my questions were all answered! But going back to the first time I read CP, I was surprised that Cicely is Will's sister and also had a WDF moment when he said his sister is dead. Little did we know! I really enjoyed this chapter, there was more action and new revelations as well :)

  6. this chapter was interesting in the way that it gives you a really clear picture that the Magister is far more dangerous than they expected...
    this is my 4th time reading CP so all my questions were answered already but i do remember the first time I read that i had already assumed she was Will's sister...Tessa mentioned her black hair in the previous chapter and that she was a young girl I connected the black hair to Will almost inmediately after he of course said "Cecily"
    I felt bad when Tessa reaches out to Will almost being greatful for being kind to her the night before and he so coldly respinds to her that there was no "last night" and even when he said "dont try me Tessa" it was so sharp and cold...

    the second time i read CP i shed a few tears when Will loses it and goes at it and shreds the automaton to pieces knowing all the thinngs i didnt know the first time I read the book i almost felt like going at the automaton myself. i find that scene very emotional

  7. ~When I first read Clockwork Prince, I was honestly surprised that Cecily was Will's sister; it seemed so odd, even though in Clockwork Angel he made no move to say that his family was dead. He even snapped at Tessa, saying that, but I had thought he would be an only child, and as I said in yesterday's post, I figured Cecily to be an old romance of Will's who he had lost. And I think, had I been a new reader, that his comment about his sister being dead may have meant that she was dead to him.
    ~I've read Clockwork Prince three times already, this being my forth, and I still can't figure out why Mortmain wants his past kept a secret--it isn't as if the Nephilim have found anything useful so far, and there wasn't much to begin with.
    ~I'm not sure Tess'a angel only works against the clockwork creatures; they're the only real threat she's ever encountered her whole life, so we cannot assume that it only works against that single threat. I'm hoping, though, that we will find out more about it in Clockwork Princess.

  8. I thought Will’s sister would have been asked to the Institute by now, but she could have refused to join. Although if she was assumed dead under Will’s testimony, then no one would have gone to look for her and ask if she wished to join the Shadowhunters, making her absence unquestioned. Will’s shock and surprise to see Cicely alive makes me wonder why he was so sure she was dead, and if for a moment he thought he was seeing her ghost, making Jem’s statement very ironic given Will’s paranormal knack. For him to say his sister is dead made me understand that he believed her dead, that she was indeed no longer alive to his best knowledge or at least that was his impression. So I want to know why he thought his sister died. How did he know? Who told him? When and where was the misinformation transferred because obviously Cecily is still alive? Then again, this could all be a trick. An illusion on Mortmain’s part, maybe even an automaton meant to look like Cecily. I keep thinking about the Book of White and it’s making me paranoid that everyone is a Clockwork automaton! (For you Harry Potter fans: CONSTANT VILIGILANCE!)

    I have no idea what Mortmain’s got up his sleeve. It must be important, with all those automatons guarding the place. Maybe it’s the Book of White (eye twitch), clandestinely stolen from the London Institute and under surveillance at Mortmain’s old home. It could even be the Pyxis…maybe Mortmain needs Will’s father to use it or Cecily? Or it could just be a ploy. Mortmain gives the Shadowhunters this decoy to focus on while he busies himself with other nefarious plans. The possibilities are endless.

    Tessa’s Clockwork Angel is a real mystery. It’s obviously something along the lines of the automatons Mortmain uses, so who else could make clockwork devices besides him? My guess would be the Shades and that’s it. I don’t know who else could have manufactured such a device, unless Magnus has something to do with this or another warlock. I would think the Angel reacts to Tessa in danger, programmed simply to protect her. Though it didn’t seem to help against the Dark Sisters, and it does tend to be more potent against the Clockwork automatons. It’s an interesting little trinket. Where did Tessa’s mother get it again? It didn’t protect Tessa’s mother from dying though, did it?

    Will’s had it rough so far in this book. He just can’t catch a break. He’s dealing with so much right now and I can’t even imagine how it must feel to see a dead relative again. I could actually, but I don’t think I’d ever believe it. I wouldn’t trust my own eyes. And it would tear me up inside. I would need alone time on the streets of London myself. With any luck, he’s going to see Uncle Maggie about it. I bet it also didn’t help feeling so lost and vulnerable while having to watch your best friend flirting with the girl you love. Does Jem not realize that Will likes Tessa too? Will certainly picked up on Jem’s intentions. You’d think Jem would be more observant of his friend’s needs.

  9. This chapter just opens a whole lot more questions.. hopefully, everything will be made clearer as the book progresses. I have read the book already and I still feel the same way..

    Cecily being Will's sister although hard to guess isn't at all very much unexpected. From CA, we have heard already of Cecily and from there it can be seen that she is a very important person to Will and is one who definitely plays a role. I would very much want to meet her though..

    Honestly, when it has to do something about Mortmain, I'm very much puzzled and so very curious. And I have no idea what it is that he has in connection with the Herondales.

    Tessa's angel I think is some sort of protection of Mortmain and the automatons too I guess. I'm guessing it's the same angel that was what once protect her mother or something.. I don't know though, I'm really quite puzzled indeed.

  10. * Uhm, I already knew about Will's family, thanks to that in Hungary the book came out months after the English version, so... But I hate that we just watch him suffer. He's totally in pain and nobody can help him. It's very sad. He has something in his past that keeps from telling anything about it to either Jem or Tessa or anybody.

    * I've honestly no idea what is the connection between Will's family and Mortmain. I really hope that Mortmain just knows Will's weak point and his family isn't in all that mess.

    * This is the most exciting thing about this chapter I think. I really don't know why the angel has this power. I think it may be belonged to the Shades in the past or something. I don't know. But I'm very curious.

    Mercédesz Mihóczy

  11. So Cecily is Will's sister. I was excited because maybe we will know more about Will's past. Then he said that his sister is dead. I have no idea why he said that.
    Can't wait to know more about Mortmain. I hate him but I must recognize that he's shifty.
    This is the big question of this series. Someone made this angel with reason. She or He wanted to protect the person who wear it. This is Tessa.

  12. *I was very surprised that Cecily was Will's sister but I had a feeling Mortmain was up to something with all the clues falling into place little by little. I feel Will's statement about her being dead has to do woth the fact that she is not a shadowhunter so there is no protection for her and he feels he won't be able to save her either. Contact between shadowhiunters and mundanes is rare he might feel it won't change anything since he won't be allowed to have a real relationship with her.
    *Mortmain is a terrible person and whatever he has planned it has to be big especially using Will's family as part of it. I think it might have a reason to do with the fact that Will's parents are no longer shadowhunters.
    *I feel the angel necklace is the whole purpose of this series. The angel is always useful when Tessa really needs it.

  13. Am I going to be sad for Will all the way through??? Ugh! It makes sense she is his sister. I think he believed his family was dead. I don't know how he'll handle this new bit.

    Mortmain is obviously insane and dangerous.

    I also believe the angel was created as protection from the Magister and his minions.

    Very interesting chapter and I'm playing catch up. ;)

  14. It's awesome to know Will isn't alone, that he still has a lil sister. He still has a family where as when Tessa first heard, it s a bit of a tear in the heart for her bc she had lost both her parents, her loving aunt and her evil-so-called brother. I don't think Will mentioned about his family much to anyone so for him to say his sister is dead and for Cecily to be at that manor is twisting thoughts in everyone's mind. Is she, or isn't she dead? Why is she there? Is he trying to say but just left Tessa and Jem with a cliffhanger to Will's mysterious family?

    Mortmain's secret could be the answer to his diabolical plan. OR something that has to do with the reparations. His plan is carefully planned, it even comes with automaton spies and warriors that work for him. Whatever he's up to, he's definitely going to destroy the Shadowhunters or take them down with him and ALL who's involved. Maybe because of Will's dad--that he use to be part of the Shadowhunter world or have any dealings with his parent's murder--or that Mortmain found a vulnerable family that's connected to the Shadowhunters still (W I L L) and is also one of the stronger Shadowhunters. Maybe it's all a whole London drama that needs its own reality tv, lol. Love the suspense and the mystery and the clues here and there.

    Tessa's angel is a huge mystery to me, or a nagging one at best whenever she has dealings with the automatons. I keep thinking she's THE PERFECT automaton that Mortmain or his parents' has ever built, a birthed one OR OR something scientifically or genetically altered with robots. Idk, so cool to assume! Her angel could also be the key Mortmain needs to perfect his automatons and hasn't realized its her angel and not her that he needs, idk!

    I really don't know how she's gonna end this series with CP2 when there's so much to uncover and deal with!