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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Twitter Tuesday - Lilith St. Crow

Lilith St. Crow (who writes under the name Lili St. Crow for her YA Strange Angels series) tweeted yesterday that her son's school burned down. She shared footage of the school burning and I've placed it on the bottom of the post. It hurts my heart to watch it.

This paragraph from her post made me choke up. It's about her son and how one kid said that they saw him on the bus when he was actually home with Lili:

This is the kind of school Crestline is, where on the strength of one child saying “No, I saw him on the bus” the principal goes out to either find the kid or talk to the parent, less than ten minutes after school starts that day. This is the school where the office staff knows every student’s name and the teachers pour their souls–and most of their paychecks–into every kid in every class, not just their own. This is the school where any adult that’s not known on sight AND carrying a red volunteer badge or sticker is clustered by very polite but inflexible staff and volunteers, to be escorted to the office to sign in. It’s the school a ten-year-old boy loves so much he’s excited on Sunday night because Monday means he can go back. The place was held together by the steady commitment of teachers and office staff, who made it work with spit and baling wire some days, and volunteers who pitched in where they could even after their kids went on to other schools.

This is the school where nobody goes home until all the kids are accounted for at the end of the day.

If you can give any amount there's a DONATE button (please select Crestline Elementary in the drop down menu) on the school's website. A few dollars will help. Let's skip a latte/tea/fast food run and donate instead to a school that's run the way every one of our schools should be run.

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